Get Lost in the Best Digital Worlds in These Fantastic Exploration Games

Screenshots of Outer Wilds, Journey and Subnautica
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Exploring the real world can be expensive, time consuming, and dangerous. Exploring the digital world is all that… but losing an hour of play, a few gold coins and a “life” doesn’t really hurt. If you want to delve into some of the most breathtaking environments modern games have to offer, check out the titles below.

Outer Wilds (PC / Xbox / PS4)

Wild exteriors takes you through a simulated solar system of unique and interesting planets that hide many secrets. While you’re there, you’ll uncover the mysteries of an ancient civilization and learn about their fascinating history. With fun space flight mechanics, adorable characters and a fantastic soundtrack, Wild exteriors is sure to be a game that will hook any fan of this particular genre.

Wild exteriors is available on Pc, Xbox, and the PS4.

Subnautica (PC / Xbox / PS4 / Switch)

Subnautica focuses a lot more on survival gameplay than the other titles listed here, which requires you to keep an eye on your character’s food, hydration, and oxygen stores, but it has a beautiful, handcrafted world. to discover. You can explore the underwater world of planet 4546B, which contains various biomes teeming with alien fauna to discover and document. And you’re not stuck there until you’re bored; in fact, unlike many other survival games, Subnautica has a compelling story to follow with a definitive ending.

Subnautica is available on Pc, Xbox, PS4, and the Switch. (Note: The Switch version is graphically downgraded from other versions and won’t be released until early 2021.)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Breath of the wild– after all, it was a pretty big game when it was released. However, while it might seem like a standard open-world RPG at first glance, Breath of the wild always brought to the table enough fresh ideas to impress many players and of course injected some of the classic Zelda tropes in the formula. This world is full of things to discover and since Link can climb any surface in this game, the way you navigate it will be unique.

A short hike (PC / Switch)

A short hike Will seem rather … well, compared to the other games here, but that’s also part of its charm, lasting an hour and a half. But the unique art style and charming writing support the game throughout. The island you are going to explore during your play time has several secrets to uncover, and there are even side quests to complete if you want to save some time on this title.

A short hike is available on Pc and Switch.

No Man’s Sky (PC / Xbox / PS4)

Featuring a virtually infinite procedurally generated universe, No Man’s Sky has plenty to discover. Everything from the plants, animals, and buildings you’ll find in every world is generated on the spot, and there’s a decent amount of variety in it all. Like any procedural generation system, No Man’s Sky has its limits, but it should take some time to reach them between all the available activities such as base building, multiplayer, and storyline tracking.

No Man’s Sky is available on Pc, Xbox, and PS4.

ABZÛ (PC / Xbox / PS4 / Switch)

ABZÛ takes you under the sea with fluid and realistic swimming mechanics to explore the nautical world. You’ll see tons of underwater creatures as well as breathtaking views, while uncovering the greater mystery that awaits you as you dive deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean.

ABZÛ is available on Pc, Xbox, PS4, and Switch.

Firewatch (PC / Xbox / PS4 / Switch)

In this atmospheric title, you’ll work as a fire watcher in the Wyoming wilderness that stumbles into a mystery deep in the forest. While the game primarily involves walking from location to location, the great animations and narrative moments keep things entertaining. It doesn’t hurt either Fire watchThe graphics in the game are wonderful, and the voice acting is no less stunning than the game’s great storytelling.

Fire watch is available on Pc, Xbox, PS4, and Switch.

Travel (PC / PS4)

Journey is a peaceful game about crossing a great desert. The story is told in fragmented chunks between play sequences and the terrain is surprisingly varied for a desert. But Journey ‘The most iconic feature of s is the way it handles multiplayer.

Throughout the game, random players can enter and exit your game to explore with you as you play. However, you won’t have any way to communicate with them other than a simple ping, and you won’t know their names until the credits roll. It’s a completely unique mechanic even though the game was released eight years ago. However, it’s unfortunate that you can’t choose to play with a friend.

Journey is available on Pc and PS4.

Eastshade (PC / Xbox / PS4)

From beautiful towns to grand cliffs, there is a lot to find on Eastshade Island, and you’ll see it all from a wandering painter’s perspective. You’ll meet a variety of characters to befriend, uncover ancient secrets, and more, all with a chill-out, laid-back vibe in the background. Eastshade doesn’t ask too much of you and lets you explore the world at your own pace. Relax and enjoy it all.

Eastshade is available on Pc, Xbox, and PS4.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (PC / Switch / Xbox / PS4)

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles it’s about relaxing in a fantasy world. There are many secrets to be discovered in the lush world of Gemea. NPCs are plentiful, and you can go on quests with them or trade in any of the many items that you will discover on your travels. There are also farming and crafting mechanics to keep you engaged for the long haul.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is available on Pc, Xbox, PS4, and Switch.

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