GIPHY Joins the Instagram Team After a $400 Million Buyout

An illustration of the Giphy logo.

Facebook just bought GIPHY, the first GIF platform in the world, $ 400 million. From here, GIPHY is part of the Facebook Instagram team. Facebook says GIPHY won’t change fundamentally, but will see deeper integration into Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

GIPHY is not just a standalone GIF website. It’s a service integrated with more social media applications. Facebook says that about 25% of GIPHY’s traffic comes from Instagram, but the service is also integrated with sites like Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest. It’s hard to imagine that these Facebook competitors will react to the takeover.

It’s not the reaction of Twitter to the takeover of GIPHY, I just like to see MJ laugh.

That said, GIPHY will not face any fundamental changes (yet). Facebook plans to keep the GIPHY website open to the public and will continue to work with API partners to further integrate GIPHY with non-Facebook applications.

Social media companies wishing to avoid Facebook-owned GIPHY can switch to Gfycat, a similar service that offers his API to licensed developers. But Facebook could convince its competitors to stay with GIPHY by offering solid support for development. We will just have to wait and see.

Source: Facebookand via Axios

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