Glow Sticks Are an Awesome Halloween Safety Hack

a teenager with bright bracelets
Spirit glow

Insisted on security during the Halloween party? Take out the light sticks. Children can not resist and it is easy for parents (and drivers) to see an enlightened child as a party bus.

A few years ago, I impulsively bought a ton of glow sticks on Amazon as they represented a daily boon. My family and I played with some of them, but by the end of the summer, we still had a lot glow sticks remain. Hundreds of them, even.

Halloween rolled around and it turned out that the best way to get rid of the glow sticks I owned was to hand them out to kids on Halloween.

Not only did the kids love to take the glow sticks – have you ever met a child who was not totally thrilled with them? – but during the first hour of play or treatment in my neighborhood, I saw hundreds children who walk around shine in the night with the bright bracelets they picked up at home.

Best bracelet

Whether you go to your local Halloween store or jump on Amazon, it is not very expensive to buy a few hundred light bracelets to distribute. Not only will you make Halloween night a little safer for slackers, but you'll also have some non-food treats on hand to help you join the party. Teal Pumpkin Project Make Halloween safer for kids with food allergies.

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