Gmail's New Settings Overhaul Makes Customing Your Email Interface Easier

Gmail has no shortage of options for customizing the look of your email. But it can be difficult to achieve because accessing your settings is like jumping through multiple flaming hoops. It is now a thing of the past, thanks to an overhaul rolled out to users.

Once the updated interface has reached your account, you can access it via a gear-shaped button in the upper right corner of Gmail. From one place, you can access different models, types of inboxes, and display settings. When you select an option, the inbox changes immediately, making comparisons and seeing what a much more accessible interface looks like before.

A gif showing the Gmail parameters changing in real time as the selections are made.Google

Google says the new settings redesign is for G Suite users and personal Gmail accounts. It performs the change in stages, so you may not yet see the updated interface. The company says the update should hit all users within a month.

You have nothing to do on your side and you cannot jump to the front of the line. So we hope you’ll be next on the list if Google hasn’t upgraded you already.

Source: Google via Android Police

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