Google and Lucasfilm's New Mandalorian AR App Makes You a Bounty Hunter


Google has teamed up with Lucasfilm to bring iconic moments from the hit Disney + show The Mandalorian to life with The Mandalorian AR experience app. You can now interact with your favorite characters from the show’s first season, like Din Djarin, wherever you are. This is the way.

The app is currently only available on the Play Store, for Google Pixel 5G devices and other select 5G Android phones, although you can check here to see if your phone meets the application requirements. The augmented reality app is optimized for 5G devices, with hyper-detailed models and lifelike animations that place you in the world of The Mandalorian as a bounty hunter, dragging Mando himself and interacting with other characters.

AR Mando at homeThat’s the game. Josh Hendrickson, forestgraphic /

The application uses ARCore, which is the development platform that Google uses to create augmented reality experiences, to create Mando-centric scenes in your surroundings that respond to your surroundings. And with the ARCore Depth API, Google was able to enable occlusion, which allows the 3D scenes in the app to blend more naturally into your space. And as a bonus, the more you use the app, the more chances you have to discover and unlock hidden secret effects.

In The Mandalorian AR Experience app, fun new content will be rolling out every Monday on “Mando Mondays. Pixel users should also be looking for additional exclusive content outside of the app.

Source: Google

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