Google Cuts the Price of Stadia Premiere (Controller and Chromecast) to $100

Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra on white backgroundGoogle

When Stadia launched last year, the only way to access the platform was to purchase the Premiere hardware package. It includes the Stadia Wi-Fi controller and the 4K-compatible Chromecast Ultra, with three months of Stadia Pro for $ 130. It was not a bad deal, given that the combined value was $ 170. Now it’s a little better, because the price on the Google Store fell to $ 100.

There is a catch, however: that three months of free access to Stadia Pro (free games to add to your library and 4K resolution) are gone. So the combined value is now $ 140… but you can still get a month of Stadia Pro, because it’s a gift when you start a trial. You can continue to pay at the end, or upgrade to the free Stadia level and keep 1080p access to all the games you’ve purchased.

To be fair, $ 100 is still a lot to ask for premium access to Google’s streaming platform. I would recommend try this free Chrome trial first (on any Windows, Mac, or Chromebook device) to see if Stadia has the games you want in its library. Oh, and you will want to make sure that your home Internet connection can also handle this broadband streaming.

Source: Google Store via Engadget

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