Google Delays Library Transfers from Play Music to YouTube Music

The Play music and YouTube music logosGoogle

Things can change quickly in a month. Last month, you could request to jump to the front of the line in the Play Music to YouTube Music transfer rollout. Now this month, Google decided to delay the feature altogether, due to high demand.

Google wants to transition users away from Play Music and over to Youtube Music. To that end, it created a tool to transfer your music library from one service to the other. But, not everybody had access right away, the company decided to roll out the transfer service in stages.

As spotted by 9to5Google, if Google added your account to the transfer list, you may find yourself unable to use it today. Instead, you may see a message explaining that Gooogle delayed the feature due to high demand. We weren’t able to replicate the message, as most folks at Review Geek are still waiting to gain access to the transfer tool.

But according to Damien Wilde from 9to5Google, transferring libraries from Play Music to YouTube music was already slow, and took four days to complete in his case. So Google may be putting a pause on things while it irons out some kinks.

For its part, Google hasn’t taken down its early access signup for the tool. So if you want to transfer your library as soon as possible, you should still consider signing up for early access. It just may not be as early anymore.

via 9to5Google

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