Google Doodle Republishes Popular Games to Keep People Safe and Happy at Home

Google Doodle today.Google

Are you looking for a way to spice up your routine? As part of his “Stay at home. Save lives.“, Google Doodle will spend the next two weeks republish its most popular games. Each day will feature a new classic game, which you can find on Google “Google Doodle. “

Today‚Äôs featured return, Coding with carrot, is an educational game from 2017 that celebrates the 50th anniversary of Logo, the first coding language for children. In Coding with Carrot, you organize chains of pre-written code to guide a rabbit to carrots. It’s similar to Stripe, a free tool designed to introduce children to coding.

Obviously, the relaxation of last week Honeybee Google Doodle was a success for Google. It received a ton of press and may have prompted the company to launch its series of rollbacks. Google Doodles is known to be massive time wasters, and can help people stay comfortable while distancing themselves socially.

Again, you check the daily return of Google Doodle by Google “Google Doodle. “Or, if you want to play your favorite Doodles right now, you can dig into the Google Doodle Archive and track down the classics like Pac-Man Doodle.

Source: Google Doodle

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