Google Makes Wheelchair-Accessible Locations Easier to Find in Maps

Google accessibility illustration --- man with stroller, woman with walker, man in wheelchairGoogle

If you or a loved one relies on a wheelchair, a walker, etc. to get around, Google wants to make it easier to find easily accessible businesses and other locations. According to a recent blog post, the Google Maps app includes accessibility information for 15 million locations worldwide. And it’s easy to spot from the main map interface.

The feature uses crowd-sourced accessibility information added to location profiles by Google Maps users. It is not yet available to everyone. Google says it is “rolling out” at the moment. “But once your app is updated, you can turn on more visible accessibility information by going to the Map settings screen and tapping” Accessibility settings “.

When the “Accessible places” button is activated, the wheelchair accessible locations will appear on the map with a specific wheelchair pin icon. A location list section will also be added, breaking down accessible entrances, bathrooms, parking and seats.

Deployment begins in the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, though Google says it will soon be announcing other countries.

Source: Google via MacRumors

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