Google Pixel Buds Appear in the Play Store Before Actual Stores

Pixel Buds app screenshotGoogle

If you wait patiently, wait, then wait a little longer for the real original wireless headphones from Google… well, keep waiting. but you may not need to do it much longer, because the headphones have an official Android management app, now appears on the Play Store. You can download it now and pretend you have the real thing.

The app has the usual bells and whistles of real wireless headphones, including battery report, sound management, touch control programming and a “device finder” tool. It’s available for most Android phones and tablets with newer versions of the operating system, and of course, the app is free.

Pixel Buds Google

The true wireless version of the Pixel Buds, following the Bluetooth headphones and earphones but attached 2, were announced alongside Pixel 4 phones October of last year. Assuming they go on sale very soon, it will be six full months between the announcement and the release.

Pixel Buds make all the real standard wireless headphones, with improved microphones and voice detection for easier integration with Google Assistant. In October, the retail price was $ 179.

Source: Google Play Store via 9to5Google

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