Google Podcasts Launches "Your News Update" for Local News and Personalized Stories

An illustration of a person listening to Google podcasts.Google

Podcasts can help us stay on top of global or national news, but it’s hard to find a show that covers local stories or topics that relate to you personally. This is why Google is launching Your news, an AI-powered podcast that brings together timely information and entertainment based on your location and interests.

Your News Update brings together audio clips and written press articles, using the company’s advanced text-to-speed technology. A listener in California could hear shows related to the latest announcements from Gavin Newsom, for example, as well as local news, album reviews and information about the 2020 election.

Your News Update is available on Google podcasts (Android/ios) Explore the page. You can also access your news through the Google Assistant. Just ask your Nest smart speaker to “read the local news”. You can also ask Google Assistant to read local news for a specific city, such as Las Angeles or Detroit.

Source: Google

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