Google Rolls Out Sticky Notes for Your Smart Displays

A Nest Hub Max with a sticky note reminding you to thaw the pie.

As more and more kids are learning at home, Google decided to step in and help give the semblance of school anywhere. The company started with useful features like Family Bell, ambient school sounds, and more. It is now rolling out useful new features like sticky notes and interactive stories for your smart screens.

As part of the rollout, Google is introducing a new Family tab in its updated interface. In the Family tab, you’ll find interactive stories that you can launch from Caboche, Capstone, and more. You can browse the pages, watch the animations unfold, and follow word by word.

You will also find the Family Notes option, which allows you to leave a reminder that everyone can see. You don’t have to use it for school supplies either, it can be a reminder to preheat the oven or take out the trash. Of course, you can also start a story or leave a voice note. Just say “Ok Google, leave a family note” or “tell me a story”. Then follow the prompts.

Google also has another feature that will help you track family, especially their location. If your child is 13 or older (or the applicable age in your country), you can set them up with a Google Assistant account and associate them with your family. Then you can request their location on your Google Assistant screen, and it will show up on Google Maps or Life360 if you are a subscriber.

You can request your family’s location on smart screens, speakers, and even your iPhone or Android phone. You can say “Ok Google, where is my family” or ask for a specific person. If you prefer taps, the family finder feature will join the new Family tab on smart screens.

The features are in the process of rolling out, so you should get it soon if you don’t see it on your devices yet.

Source: Google

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