Google Will Admit When Its Search Results Suck

A Google search on a phone asking why the results are so bafd.Josh Hendrickson

Google is trying hard, but sometimes its search results are terrible. It seems that you have been clear about what you wanted, but the results have nothing to do with what you wanted. Google knows this too and the company plans to do something brave …admit failure. When he knows that the matches are not useful, he will tell you from the start so that you don’t waste time watching them.

An iPhone with a message from Google warning of poor search results.Google

Starting today, if Google determines that it cannot find results that closely match what you are looking for, it will display a message at the top of the screen:

There do not appear to be any interesting matches for your search.

Google will follow this message with some tips for better results. The company is already trying to avoid this scenario as much as possible by looking for close matches and correcting the spelling of your terrible typing.

Given these efforts, you shouldn’t see the message too often. But at least when you do, you won’t waste time scrolling through lousy search results in frustration.

Source: Google via The edge

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