Google's Augmented Reality Dinosaurs Come Alive in Your Phone's Camera

An ankylosaurus in Google AR.

“I don’t like dinosaurs,” said no child. Google’s latest expansion to search augmented reality powers adds everyone’s awful favorite lizards to the experience. Look for the most common dinosaur species on your phone and you will be asked to “see in 3D”. The models can then be placed in real space, in real size, via your camera.

It’s a pretty cool way to see the size and scale of different dinosaurs without having to go to a museum. Watching them breathe and move (with sounds) really shows how it could have felt around you. At the time of this writing, there were 10 dinosaurs available to check.

Dinosaurs join a surprising variety of things you can see in AR on Google Search, including un-extinct animals, human organs, and the Apollo 11 lander. The tool is available directly in search on Android and iOS, though that it can be limited depending on your location.

Source: Cnet

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