Google's Family Bell Adds School Structure to Remote Learning


With the ongoing global pandemic, distance learning is quickly becoming a choice that more and more parents must make. Today, Google announced new features for the Assistant and the Nest Hubs that should help with homeschooling. Family Bell will give structure to your school day, and new controls can help you start the day right.

As a parent with a child attending distance school, Family Bell is perhaps the most intriguing feature announced today. You probably remember the school bell when you were at school which signified the start and end of classes. Family Bell emulates this, even if it doesn’t ring a bell.

An Andorid phone with Family Bell settingsGoogle

Instead, Family Bell is closer to an announcement system. You can make him announce anything you want, from “time to start math class” to “take a break, super learner”. You create Family Bells from Nest Hub or Google Assistant on your Android phone or iPhone, and you can specify which devices play a particular Family Bell.

If you want more traditional sounds, try the “Ok Google, start the school day” or “School is in session” command. Your Nest Hub will display school-themed artwork, make a school bell sound, and follow it with traditional school noises, like talking in a hallway and opening and closing lockers. Family Bell is being deployed.

A Nest Hub with an Oceleot on the screen.Google

Casting to every Nest Hub in the house is a popular Google Assistant command, but to help you with the school day, you can now broadcast to a specific Nest Hub. Just say, “Post to [room name], “Track your ad.

And Google is also adding fun school facts and activities to Assistant. You can ask animal facts to hear fun animal facts everyday or play kids game to find new games to play with your kids. It won’t entirely replace the school experience, but it could bring some familiarity to the home.

Source: Google

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