Google's Free Art Transfer AI Turned My Cat Into a Classic Painting

A photo of Greta which has been processed by Art Transfer AI.
A photo of Greta which has been processed by Art Transfer AI. Andrew Heinzman, Google

Every day I tell my cat that she is the prettiest beast on the planet. I hold it in the air and I say: “Greta, you deserve to be painted by the masters!” It’s a distant dream that may never come true, but New AI Art Transfer from Google is, for now, a decent stand-in.

Art Transfer AI, which is free via the Google Arts and Culture app, is trained to learn the style of classic paintings in all genres. It then takes the characteristics of these paintings and uses them to modify the photo you want. And while the results of this tool are often jagged, they are generally fun to use and occasionally produce an impressive image.

If you want to use the Art Transfer tool, download Google Arts and Culture (Android/iOS) on your phone. Open the app, tap the camera icon and select Art Transfer. Just to be clear, all of this image processing occurs directly on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about Google poking through your personal images for data.

Of course, you may already have Google Arts and Culture on your phone. The app is already popular for its Selfie Art tool, which scans your face and discovers classic portraits that look like you. Arts and Culture also has AR tools that allow you to browse galleries, see classic images in your room, or browse works of art in a specific color palette.

Source: Google

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