Google's New Nest Thermostat is More Affordable with Very Few Compromises

The new Nest thermostat on a white wallGoogle

If you’re longing for a Nest Learning Thermostat, but struggling to justify its $ 250 price tag, the new Nest Thermostat may be just what the doctor ordered. At $ 129, it’s almost half the price of the original learning thermostat, but offers many of the same features.

The ultra-sleek new Nest Thermostat lacks the ‘learning’ features of its more expensive cousin (which will remain available it seems), relying mainly on manual programs and options the user can control in the room. ‘Home application. Another notable difference: the original Nest Learning Thermostat still counts. on the Nest app for the control.

Otherwise, the two are very similar. The new thermostat can control temperatures in the home and outside, adjust on a schedule, monitor HVAC systems and send alerts if something goes wrong or regular maintenance (like filter changes) is needed and working with voice commands.

It’s also noted that the new Nest Thermostat was designed for easy installation on most systems, so homeowners can do it on their own if they’re the practical type. It seems that this ease of installation can also lead to compatibility issues, as it is only compatible with 85% of HVAC systems, compared to 95% for the Learning Thermostat.

Unfortunately, the new thermostat is incompatible with Nest temperature sensors, so it relies on a single temperature reading directly on the thermostat to keep the temperature regulated. It’s no different from a typical “dumb” thermostat, but it could be a check mark in the negative box for anyone hoping to get a more even temperature throughout their home and hoping to pair the new thermostat with temperature sensors. Sorry, all of you.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the new thermostat only has a 1 year warranty, compared to 2 years for the learning thermostat. This is a curious change in itself, so if you are looking for peace of mind in the event of a problem, the Learning Thermostat may still be the best choice for you.

The new Nest thermostat is available now in the Google Store, and you can find a direct comparison of the two thermostats here.

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