GoPro Labs Adds Experimental Features to Your Action Camera

A black GoPro Hero 8 splashed in water.Go Pro

GoPro presents experimental characteristics for its “super users and avant-garde”. With firmware updates, you can add potential new features to come with which GoPro tinkered behind the scenes. For starters, it includes better stabilization and QR-code control.

The company claims that the first two features it presents originated from internal hackathons, although the company does not call them “beta” updates. As the company says:

These features may never get to a version of the camera, but they are cool enough and baked enough to give you a taste.

The first is the stabilization of ReelSteady, which you can load on the GoPro Hero8 Black. ReelSteady offered impressive stabilization software for action cameras and drones until GoPro bought the company earlier this year.

And if control is what you want, the new QR code feature could do the trick. You can configure QR codes that trigger commands when the camera sees them, such as activating motion detection or starting a wake-up timer for remote start capture.

You can register today on the GoPro Labs website.

Source: Go Pro via Engadget

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