GoPro Launches a Line of Weather-Resistant Bags, Bottles, and Camera Cases

Photos of the GoPro Daytripper backpack.
Go Pro

Now is not the best time to sell action cameras. To compensate for the drop in sales, GoPro has just launched a range of durable outdoor accessories, including backpacks, bottles, camera bags and hats. Like GoPro cameras, the company’s accessories are gray, lightweight, weatherproof, and expensive.

But why would you buy a $ 100 GoPro branded backpack? What is the point of sale? In addition to brand recognition and durability, GoPro bags have built-in clips for the GoPro Hero8 camera. In addition, the GoPro camera cases have compartments for your GoPro camera and its accessories. These are little luxuries, but they’re worth paying for if you’re a big fan of GoPro action cameras.

If you want to buy a GoPro because of these backpacks, I suggest you check out the Black Hero8 Pack, which comes with a gimbal, head strap, 32GB SD card, and a spare battery. At the current retail price of $ 350, it costs just $ 50 more than a standalone Hero8 Black camera.

Source: Go Pro via TechCrunch

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