Halloween Hair and Makeup Must-Haves for That Last-Minute Party

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Happenin 'haunts the animated Halloween parties in October. If you do not want to get caught without your fangs, we have some good things that you'd better keep in your casket.

Whether it's an office party at the last minute or an impromptu walk in a zombie, you never know what kind of quibble might appear in October. If you wait too long to plan your costume, Disney's less popular princesses (and a ton of Shreks) will be the only things left in the stores.

However, if you keep a panoply of macabre necessities in your den, you can transform yourself at any time and with impeccable speed, even if it is not the full moon.

All the items on our list were available at the time of writing, but if they turned out to be out of stock, use them as a source of inspiration!

Hairdos Hairstyle

A delicate wig or hair dye is the fastest way to turn yourself into something (or something) else. If you keep some of these scary remnants around your haunted house, you can associate one with our other suggestions and put yourself on your broom:

  • Black Gothic wig: Whether it's Dracula or Morticia, everyone has at least one halloween he celebrates as Dark Lord or Mistress of the Night – or Dear.
  • Clown wig: Yes, even if you go like a jester to circus varieties, most people will still be scared. Of course, if you want to be more clear about your chaos, you can go like the the scariest of all.
  • Mullet wig: You could win the costume contest with this beauty! It instantly turns you into a trailer park owner of your dreams or a member of almost any group, circa 1982. Combine it with a ripped and stained tank top and ripped jeans, and you're ready for the kegger (let's make it – you bring the drum).
  • Crimping iron: In the 80s, having the impression that you lost a fight with a waffle maker was totally radiant! Now you too can get that coveted look "my kitchen appliances are owned". This style is back, however, you may find it useful even after you've switched to Halloween as your favorite Go-Go.
  • Wayne and Garth: This is the party, it's excellent! These are variations on the mullet theme, but why give up a good thing? The wig Wayne includes the hat. So just add a pinch of black t-shirt, a touch of denim and a new Garth, and you can spend the Halloween to Wayne's World. Your party companions will shout, "We are not worthy!" In a short time.
  • Wig with curlers: Have you ever wondered why you see tons of zombie grannies on Halloween? Because it's an easy suit to do! You have pajamas, a bathrobe and bunny slippers, is not it? Just grab this wig and a zombie face (for more information later), and you're ready to meet your fellow Walkers at the senior's center for an Apocalypse bingo.
  • Temporary black dye: If you prefer not to wear a sweaty and irritated wig, you can choose the temporary spray dyeing route. This black spray of High Beams does not make your hair stiff like a hairspray, but it stains. Make sure to put a towel on your suit before using it and apply it outdoors – unless you want to paint your walls and the cat too.

Scary faces

woman made up special effects to look like her face is hurt
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Now that your heart-rending hair has been discovered, it's time to make this face look awful. Even if you do not know what you want to be for Halloween, some decent makeup palettes can open a dark and endless world of creativity.

Here are some of our special makeup and effects kits that are essential for guys and ghouls:

  • Smokey Eye Palette and Black eyeliner: That you are transforming yourself goth icon or the Starchild from KISSyou must smoke those eyes. This BYS eye shadow palette contains everything you need to shade and superimpose your way to Mistress of the Night. Then you have to play thoroughly with a good liquid liner. We love the waterproof pen of Docolor.
  • Eyeshadow palette of the 80s: If you prefer to be Mistress of the Dancefloor rather than Darkness, you will need an electric blue eye shadow (or pink, or purple) to accompany that side ponytail that you are rockin '. This Spectrum palette contains all the colors that Madonna, Cyndi Lauper or any other intermediate bracelet may wish for.
  • Clown makeup kit: Are you ready to launch your version of Pennywise or Bozo on your unsuspecting friends? Simply associate this palette with one of the clown wigs we shared above. This versatile kit is not just for Killer Klowns seen from the space, although. With the cream white base and the variety of detail colors, you can create zombies, werewolves, ghosts or remainder of KISS members.
  • White pressed powder: You look a little pale tonight. Whatever it is, you will do it with the offering of Bloody Mary Makeup. If you want to look just bitten and puny, but not supernaturally dead for centuries, this powder is the perfect base. And the practical compact means that you can pause for retouching between victims.
  • Blues rock beard: If you do not want to make up with make-up but still want to win this Target Gift Card at the Costume Contest, slip on this ZZ Top beard and your Southern rocker. This beauty comes with the "stache", but do not forget to "Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses."
  • Trauma Kits: Whether it be bullet wounds, various and varied scars, or something more specific to the officeno matter what you wear when you look like a victim of the resuscitated CSI inscription. Do not discriminate: devalue friends and strangers!
  • Zombie makeup kit: Take some old clothes in the bargain shop, cut them, roll them in the dirt and let the Fun World kit do the rest. Or, you can catch this wig with curlers we covered earlier and release Zombie Gran!

Various misdeeds

woman dressed as a witch wearing a lantern and pumpkin
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Now that you have several possible ways to strut your morbid masquerade, you may want to get some solid accessories.

If you do not lose that worrying rating, you'll be ready to go to Scaretown before anyone can say "Bloody Mary" three times:

  • Witch's hat: The witch costume remains a historical tradition of Halloween for many reasons: it's easy, scary and black slimming. Did we mention that it's easy? If you need to jump on your broomstick at any time to find a New Year's Eye, you can not forget your hat! That you are glam, disco, grunge, or classic crone, your perfect topper is just a click away.
  • Some blood: When you go gore, you need blood. Not the real kind! Stay away from the blood bank, please. Finding fake blood can be a challenge. Sure you can make your ownbut if you do not have that kind of time, you can some quite realistic formulas on Amazon. Of course, keep in mind that all fake blood stains clothes and your skin. You may be a little rosier the first days of November than in October.
  • Crocs: If you want to put on your black cape and make music with the children of the nightyou're going to need cervical pedals – and it's hard to find a good set. This kit includes several sets of fangs so you can choose exactly the right size for your teeth. You tie them with the included adhesive and, hopefully, you do not intend to eat … food.
  • Trauma headbands: Take a bottle of this fake blood mentioned above and become an instant victim of the horror movie thanks to Set of weapon headband. It includes four dreadful head injuries, which means you'll be ready for four consecutive halloween!

As the invitations to these Halloween celebrities begin to arrive, save yourself some hassle! If you score only a few of these scary gems, you'll be able to evoke the costume of your nightmares faster than anyone else can say "witch hour".

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