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Whether you’re in Tom King’s Batman race, restarting Jonathan Hickman from the X-Men universe, or something more independent like Saga or Invincible, having a centralized place to read your comics is a must for all comic book lovers.

Digital comic readers provide a central location for the life of your comics, making them easy to read and organize. With digital players, you don’t have to visit a comic book store or buy physical copies to stay informed of the latest issues in your favorite series. And the readers that allow you to upload your own comics are also a great way to keep your precious collection in top condition while proofreading your favorites. And let’s be honest, being able to have hundreds of comics on your tablet or phone is just great.

Great comic book publishers, like wonder, DC, Black Horseand others – have their own readers. And while these independent readers are great in their own right, they limit you to their content only, so if you want to read content from multiple publishers in one session, you’ll have to switch between different apps. Each of the readers we recommend alleviates this problem by supporting content from multiple publishers, saving you the hassle.

Ideal for subscriptions: ComiXology

ComiXology home page

If you care more about keeping up with the latest issues from all of your favorite publishers than having physical, cloud-based copies ComiXology (Free with in-app purchases) is your best bet. It’s the most complete and user-friendly comic book reader on the market, and it lets you read both classic and brand new numbers from major publishers like DC, Marvel, IDW, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant, Shonen Jump, Archie, Dynamite and more.

Comixology series subscriptions automatically purchase new issues as soon as they are released and notify you when they are ready to download. Or, you can choose to sign up for ComiXology Unlimited for $ 5.99 / month, which gives you access to more than 25,000 digital comics, graphic novels and manga, as well as discounts and the ability to download your comics to read them offline. Either way, problems are easy to read, thanks to ComiXology’s proprietary Guided View technology, which gives you more immersive panel-by-panel reading.

As a note to iOS Readers, Comixology deleted the purchase in the application in 2014 (which is also still available for Android or Kindle Fire users). This decision was made because Apple was taking a 30% cut in profits from in-app purchases and subscriptions, and Comixology (owned by Amazon) would not pay these fees. So if you’re using the app on your iPhone or iPad, note that it only works as a reader. You can browse the store and read free comics in the app, but when it comes time to buy them, you’ll need to open the Comixology store on another device to do this.

Great for uploading your own comics: amazing comic reader

Amazing comic reader
Amazing comic reader

If you don’t want to process subscriptions, or prefer to buy your digital comics elsewhere and download them manually to a centralized player, Amazing comic reader (Free with in-app purchases) is the best option for this. Reading on ACR is pleasant, thanks to its simple navigation and zoom functions, and its ability to switch to Manga mode for a right-to-left reading experience as needed. And, when you finish a number, ACR automatically launches the next number for you, if you have it, so you can continue reading without missing a beat.

ACR allows you to organize your comic books into collections and favorites for more careful storage, and to use the powerful integrated search function to find a specific number or book. Syncing is easy on the app because it can sync with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, ComicStreamer and Box, and is compatible with CBR, CBZ and PDF formats. ABR’s Snapshots feature lets you literally save a snapshot of your favorite moments in an issue, so you can view them whenever you want to review them. The application is available on Android, Windows 8, like a Chrome extension, and on the Web.

Best for a cinematic experience: Madefire

Madefire Comic Selection

Madefire (Free with in-app purchases) is a comic reader with a unique touch: it allows you to have a dynamic, no, downright cinematic experience when you read your comics. How? ‘Or’ What? With its unique Motion Books, which add interactive sound and movement to comic panels. Anyone who has ever read a comic book has had this moment when they wanted a home page to have a little more punch, and Madefire is here to grant all of our nerd dreams.

The app itself is free to download, although there are in-app purchases for some comics (some are free, however). Read a comic book in Madefire (if it’s even the right verb, maybe we should say experience?) is an absolute treat. It guides you through panel-by-panel issues, with atmospheric music, sound effects and even the ability to “look around the stage” on certain panels by moving your finger around your screen. The experience that Madefire offers is immersive, engaging and satisfying, and makes it a fun time for seasoned hobbyists and new readers alike. It is available on iOS and Android.

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