Here's Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of August 31

Introducing the Netflix cooking show

Netflix users, it’s time to rejoice! This week marks the start of a new month, and the drop in streaming service at the start of the month is as complete and as good as ever.

So, let’s go straight to the goods. Here’s everything coming to Netflix this week.

  • August 31
    • Casino Royale: Daniel Craig’s debut film as Bond is headed for streaming.
    • Quantom of Solace: Follow Craig’s Bond for his second film.
  • Sep 1
    • Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices: Black celebrities and performers read children’s books by black authors on this children’s show.
    • The Boss Baby: Get that baby !: The saga of the baby who is actually a boss continues in this original.
    • Felipe Esparza: Bad decisions / Malas decisions: This comedy special is more than just a stand-up. It is also the first time that an actor has made a special film in two different languages.
    • La Partita / The match: A football game has a deeper meaning for those on and off the pitch.
    • True: Friendship Day: A little girl is transformed into a mermaid in the quest to recover her friendship bracelet.
    • Adrift: Shailene Woodley begins in this biopic about a woman trying to help herself and her partner survive at sea after navigating a hurricane.

  • Sep 1
    • Anaconda: Those afraid of snakes might want to avoid this horror movie about a giant.
    • Back to the future I-III: The three adventures of Marty McFly will be watchable.
    • Hairdresser: This classic comedy follows the story of a barber shop owner who decides whether or not to close his shop.
    • Barbie Princess Adventure: Barbie must save a princess in this animated film.
    • Borgen: Season 1-3: Danish prime minister wins surprising election sparking political turmoil.
    • Children of the sea: This adaptation of a manga follows a girl who believes she sees a ghost in the waters of the aquarium where her father works.
    • Coneheads: The absurd ’80s comedy is coming to streaming.
    • Glory: This film fictionalizes the story of the first black regiment of the Civil War.
    • Fat: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John star in this famous musical.

  • Sep 1
    • Magic Mike: Channing Tatum stars in this film about the life of a male stripper.
    • The Muppets: Classic Jim Henson characters star in this comedy.
    • The most wanted Muppets: Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Fozzy return in this follow-up movie.
    • Not another teen movie: This satirical comedy takes over some of the greatest teen movies of the 90s and early 2000s.
    • Pineapple Express: Seth Rogan and James Franco play stoners who witness a murder.
    • Possession: This movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow is an adaptation of the A.S. Byatt novel of the same name.
    • The producers: The film adaptation of the Broadway musical stars Matthew Broderick, Uma Thurman and Nathan Lane.

  • Sep 1
    • The Promised Neverland: Season 1: Orphans raised by a guardian realize his sinister plans and attempt to escape in this anime.
    • Puss in Boots: Antonio Banderas voices the famous cat in this Shrek spin off.
    • Red Dragon: Detective Will Graham must reconnect with the killer Hannibal Lector in this thriller.
    • Residue: A detective acquires a book with supernatural origins in this horror film.
    • Sexual drive: A teenager goes on a road trip to lose his virginity in this comedy.
    • Sister, sister: The classic Mowry Sisters sitcom is coming to streaming.
    • The Smurfs: The adorable blue creatures are up for an adventure in this feature film.
    • Wildlife: This film with Carey Mulligan tells the story of a strained marriage and its effects on a child.
    • Zathura: Two boys start playing a space themed board game to be projected into real space.

  • Sep 2
    • Bad Boy Billionaires: India: This documentary series features some of India’s richest men.
    • Chef’s table: BBQ: Celebrity chefs talk about the world of barbecue in the return of this Netflix original.
    • Freaks: you are one of us: A cook accidentally discovers that she has magical powers.
  • Sep 3
    • Afonso Padilha: Alma de Pobre: The comedian’s comedy special is coming to streaming.
    • Love, guaranteed: This Netflix original romantic comedy stars Damon Wayans Jr and Rachel Lee Cook.
    • Young Wallander: A young police graduate becomes a detective in this series.

  • Sep 4
    • A way: A commander leaves his family for a three-year mission to Mars.
    • I think at the end of things: A woman goes to meet the parents of her boyfriend on their farm.
    • The lost Okoroshi: A man turns into a spirit in this movie.
    • Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy: Part 2: The spin-off series of the film Mind keep on going.

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