Here's Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Dec. 21, 2020

Shonda Rhimes' Bridgerton is coming to Netflix.

Fans of How to escape murder and Grey’s Anatomy are about to have a great week thanks to Netflix and Shonda Rhimes. Among the drops this week on the streaming platform is Bridgerton, the early adaptation of the new series produced by Rhimes.

But this is just one of the many new features of the service. Here’s everything that’s happening this week:

  • Dec 21
    • The con is on: Two players try to avoid paying their debts by pulling off a Jewel Heist.
  • Dec 22
    • After our collision: The film version of the second installment of the fan-fiction series published by Wattpad on the tumultuous relationship between two students.
    • London Hughes: to catch a D * ck: Stand-up fans get a new special from London Hughes.
    • Rhyme Time Town Singalongs: Animals use songs to solve problems in this children’s TV show.
    • Shaun the Sheep: Farmer’s Llamas: The stop-motion sheep is back in another special.
    • Timmy Time: Season 2: A lamb must learn to work with others while attending a farm school.

  • Dec 23
    • The midnight sky: A scientist must warn the crew of a spaceship not to return to Earth after a global disaster.
    • Your name engraved here: Two men fall in love after martial law ends in Taiwan.
  • Dec 25
    • Bridgerton: The eight siblings of the Bridgerton family attempt to find love in Regency England in this series produced by Shonda Rhimes.

  • Dec 26
    • Asphalt burn: A man accepts a race on the Nürburgring track in Germany.
    • DNA: A woman examines her roots after losing her grandfather.
    • Fast & Furious Spy Racers Season 3: Sahara: The animated series based on the films returns.
    • Go! Go! Cory carson Season 3: There’s no shortage of content for kids this week with Cory Carson’s third season.
    • The magic school bus is rolling again in the area: Join your kids and get some nostalgia when The magic school bus Return.
  • Dec 27
    • Sakho and Mangane: Two detectives in Senegal are working to solve murders with a supernatural element.

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