Here's Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of Sep. 7, 2020

A fully organized refrigerator

Netflix’s first drop of the month may have already happened, but this week, there’s nothing to complain about. From an entire series devoted to organizing to a movie about a virus that turns people into killers, this week’s variety is on the menu. Open your account and get your queue ready, because here’s everything coming to Netflix this week.

Sep 7
Midnight Special: The government and religious extremists are pursuing a man and his son with special powers.
My octopus teacher: A man forms an unlikely friendship with a life-changing octopus in this documentary.
Youth record: This film follows three role models as they attempt to make it in the industry.
I’m waiting for Superman ‘: This documentary follows students in the public education system.

Sep 8
Living: A virus makes people deadly, and a man tries to survive.
StarBeam: Season 2: Grade 2 superhero tracking season hits Netflix.

Sep 9
Corazón Loco / So much love to give: A man tries to balance two different families in this Netflix comedy.
Get organized with The Home Edit: Organization experts help people organize their homes.
La Línea: The Shadow of Narco: This documentary series explores the city of La Línea and how it became a hotspot for drug trafficking.
Cute / Cuties: An 11-year-old girl joins a dance team and begins to come of age in this film.
The social dilemma: This documentary explores how social media can be harmful.

Sep 10
The babysitter: Killer Queen: A boy must defeat his satanic babysitter for the second time.
The Gift: Season 2: The second season follows the story of an artist who discovers she has connections to an archaeological site.
Greenleaf: Season 5: The series following a family who runs a mega-church continues.
The chronicles of Idhun: The teens fight a necromancer in this original Netflix anime.
Julie and the ghosts: A young girl helps a group of ghosts succeed.

Sep 11
The Duchess: Single mom tries to balance her life in this Netflix original.
Family business: Season 2: The follow-up to the series on a family starting a cannabis business continues.
Girlfriends: seasons 1-8: The hit series starring Tracee Ellis Ross hits Netflix.
How to Train Your Dragon 2: The second installment of the Dreamworks Dragon Riders films.
Pets United: A cat and a dog team up to fight evil in their town in this family film.
Pokémon Journeys: The Series: Part 2: Return to the world of Pokemon with this series.
Se busca papá / Papa wanted: A daughter hires an actor to be her father so that she can participate in a BMX race.

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