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July may still have a few days, but good news is the banners. The first of the month arrives this week. This means a plethora of new Netflix content. 80s classic The never-ending story to the highly anticipated second season of the original series Umbrella Academy, you’re going to have a lot to watch this week.

  • July 28
    • Jeopardy !: Collection 6: More episodes of the classic game show series are on the way.
    • Last Chance U: Laney: Football fans will want to see this documentary
  • July 29
    • The hater: This original Netflix movie follows a man engaged in defaming people on social media.
    • In the world’s toughest prisons: Season 4: The title basically says everything about this show.
  • July 30
    • Pirates Who Do Nothing: A VeggieTales Movie: The religious animated series has a new iteration on Netflix.
    • Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy: A new animated Transformers the movie is coming.

  • July 31
    • Get again: Four high school students come together to demand justice from their school.
    • Latte and the magic water stone: An animated hedgehog has adventures in this series.
    • Seriously single: A social media savvy woman can’t stop focusing on an ex.
    • The Speed ​​Cubers: Yes, this documentary is about people who solve Rubix cubes quickly.
    • Sugar Rush: Extra Sweet: The pastry fair has a special news.
    • The Umbrella Academy: Season 2: The hit series returns.
    • Vis a Vis: El Oasis: Two women try to steal a tiara from the daughter of a drug lord.

  • August 1
    • A Knight’s Tale: The anachronistic medieval film starring Heath Ledger is coming to Netflix.
    • Acts of violence: The brothers come together to try to save their sister from the traffickers.
    • The Addams Family: The ’90s version of this scary comedy will begin airing.
    • An education: A girl has an affair with an older man.
    • Being John Malkovich: This bizarre film has achieved cult classic status.
    • Death at funeral: This comedy follows a man trying to plan a funeral for this father.
    • Dennis the threat: A mingling kid loves to annoy his neighbor in this classic movie.
    • Elizabeth Harvest: A woman is prohibited from entering a room in her husband’s house.
    • Eternal Sunshine of the Flawless Spirit: The Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet classic begins airing in August.
    • Henry hardcore: A man wakes up as a hybrid robot in this action movie.

  • August 1
    • Iron Man Armored Adventures: Season 1-2: The animated version of the Marvel series is coming to Netflix.
    • Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, The Lost World: Jurassic Park: The entire jurassic park the movies are now streaming.
    • Mad Max: The original version of the film is launching on Netflix.
    • Mr. Deeds: Adam Sandler’s film follows a man who suddenly becomes rich.
    • My perfect landing: Season 1: Follow the stories of young gymnasts in this series.
    • Nagi-Asu: A lull in the sea: Season 1: Children from a school on the sea are trained to attend one on land in this anime.
    • The Neverending Story, The Neverending Story II: Take to the skies on Falkor the Luck Dragon in these ’80s classics.
    • The next step: Season 6: The dance series continues.

  • August 1
    • Nights in Rodanthe: Another Nicholas Sparks film is coming to the platform.
    • Ocean’s Thirteen: This film is the third installment of George Clooney’s film.
    • Ocean’s Twelve: George Clooney and Brad Pitt return in sequel Ocean’s Eleven.
    • Operation Ouch: Season 1, Operation Ouch: Special: Twin doctors explore the human body in this series.
    • Remember me: Robert Pattinson stars in this romantic drama.
    • Sea biscuit: The Tobey Macquire Riding a Racehorse movie is coming to streaming.
    • Super monsters: the new class: Baby monsters have adventures in this animated series for Netflix Family.
    • Toradora !: Season 1: Two friends try to help each other talk to their lovers.
    • Transformers Rescue Bots Academy: Season 2: Other transformers are coming.
    • The sad truth: Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler play in this hatred of loving comedy.
    • What keeps you alive: A woman tries to escape his murderous wife.
  • August 2nd
    • Almost love: This film follows friends who navigate love and life.
    • Related: This documentary follows a science journalist who studies the ways we are all connected.

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