Here's Everything Coming to Netflix This Week

A man and a woman dance under a lamppost.Netflix / YouTube

Yes, Netflix has already seen its first major drop of the month. However, that doesn’t mean the streaming service is offering big things this week. From original immigration documentaries to a romantic comedy about a high school dance team, this week’s Netflix offerings are diverse.

Aug 3
Nation of immigration: This documentary series follows the perspectives of law enforcement officials on immigration and undocumented immigrants exploring the nuances of immigration to America.

August 4
Mystery laboratory: Explore the bizarre and the inexplicable through science and history in this series.
Sam Jay: 3 in the morning: SNL comedian and writer Sam Jay is bringing his comedy to Netflix streaming.

5 August
Anelka: misunderstood: Discover the life of the French footballer in this documentary.
The most wanted in the world: This series is exactly what you think it is: a series about the world’s most wanted criminals

August 6
Rainy season 3: The post-apocalyptic series on a world where a virus spreads by rain continues.

August 7
Work it: Sabrina Carpenter stars in this film about a girl who creates her own dance team after being rejected by the elite group at her school.

August 8
The promise: This romantic drama follows the story of an Armenian medical student, an American photojournalist, and an Armenian-born dance teacher just before the start of the Armenian genocide.
We invoke darkness: Three teenage girls plan a murder in this campy horror film.

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