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Animated films about Arctic Foxes, a new special comedy by Seinfield’s Jerry Seinfield and the new documentary by Michelle Obama are all coming to Netflix this week. Needless to say, you will have something to keep you busy.

While Netflix may have had a profusion of movies, TV series, and specials on its platform last week thanks to the start of the month, this week’s releases have nothing to complain about. If you plan your viewing in advance, here is everything that will happen to Netflix this week.

May 4
Arctic dogs: A dog discovers a plot to drill in the Arctic and must prevent it from happening.
Luccas Neto em: Acampemonto de Ferias 2: Friends gather at the summer camp to make music in this follow-up.

May 5
Jerry Seinfeld: 23 hours to kill: Seinfeld fans will be delighted to see the titular comedy return to the standing stage.

May 6

To become: This documentary follows First Lady Michelle Obama during her book tour.
Executioner: A detective and a profiler follow a serial killer in this thriller.
Workin Moms: The mothers gather in this series outside of Canada.

May 8
18 Regali / 18 gifts: An Italian woman leaves 18 gifts for her daughter.
Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a tool belt: This animated series for children presents a monkey skilled at fixing things.
Dead to me: The second series of the original Netflix hit the streaming service.
House at the end of the street: This film follows the story of a girl who gets involved with a boy who survived a horrific murder in their neighborhood.
Restaurants on the edge: More restaurants are trying to survive in season two of this series.
Rust Valley restaurateurs: Car enthusiasts will love this show about turning scrap metal into cars.
Without sleep: Jamie Foxx tries to find his son in this police thriller.
The Eddy: This series follows an owner of a jazz club in Paris.
The hollow: This Canadian animation series follows children who wake up in another world and have to find their way home.
The Wrong Missy: David Spade plays in this film a man who invites the bad woman in retirement.
Valeria: This Spanish series follows a writer in turmoil on his writing and his relationship.

May 9
Charmed (Season 2): CW’s reboot arrives on Netflix with its second season.
Grey’s anatomy: The sixteenth season (yes, really) hits the streaming service.

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