Here's Everything Coming to Netflix This Week

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It may not be the start of the month, but Netflix still has big drops. From a cult-classic animated series to an interactive special from a beloved original series, the streaming service has more than enough to keep you on TV for next week.

If you want to plan ahead for your frenzy, here is everything that will happen to Netflix this week.

May 11
Border town: Season 3 of this Finnish detective series about a small town detective is soon to be released on Netflix.
Bon voyage: psychedelic adventures: Celebrities discuss their use of psychedelics in this documentary.
Media trials: This original documentary series examines famous court cases and how the media may have played a role in them.

May 12
Love is blind: This romantic film blurs the line between reality and fantasy where viewers have to wonder what is real and what is not.
True: Terrific Tales: This animated series takes famous stories and turns them in new ways.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. Reverend: Kimmy Schmidt confronts his captor in this interactive Netflix special.

May 14
Dilan 1990: This Indonesian romance follows a girl who meets a “bad boy” but sees more than what is happening on the surface.
Riverdale (season 4): The fourth season of the hit CW series inspired by Archie comics arrives in streaming.

May 15
Avatar: the last airbender (seasons 1-3): Yes, it really does happen. After years of fan outcry, the classic cult series Nickelodeon is streaming.
Chichipatos: A magician makes an oopsy when he removes a drug lord.
District 9: Produced by Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson, this film tells the story of a man who must be quarantined with an exotic species in a closed neighborhood.
I love you stupid: A man tries to become a better person after being dumped by his girlfriend in this comedy.
Learning time with Timmy: This lively school for preschoolers can be a welcome addition for parents.
Madam secretary: The sixth season of this CBS show after a female secretary of state came to Netflix.
Magic for humans: The magician Justin Willman is back for another season of close magic.
Parasyte: The Maxim: This manga became anime follows a man partially infected by a parasite which finally binds with the creature.
She-Ra and the princess of power: The restart of the classic animated series returns this month.
The banal Juanquini: A talented magician accidentally disappeared a wanted man in this comedy.
The Wiggles: Yes, these Wiggles.
White lines: Money Heist fans will certainly want to listen to this new creator show about a girl investigating the disappearance of her brother.

May 16
Public enemies: Johnny Depp’s gangster movie arrives in streaming.
United 93: This dramatization follows the events of Flight 93.

May 17
El infinite limit: This documentary follows the journey of Jean Maggi as she climbed the Himalayas.
Soul Surfer: Anna Sophia Robb plays the surfer Bethany Hamilton in this docu-drama.

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