Here's Everything Coming to Netflix This Week

The character of Dr. Suess, the lorax, stands on top of a stump.Universal images / YouTube

The fact that the first of the month has passed doesn’t mean that Netflix isn’t offering good content. This week, streamers get a classic from Dr. Seuss alongside several new original shows. If you love Netflix creations, this week could be the one that fills your queue.

June 6
A child from Coney Island: Basketball fans will want to watch this documentary about former player Stephon Marbury.

June 7
Dr. Seuss’ Lorax: The film tells the story of Dr. Suess’ classic character, the Lorax.

July 8
The long silent road: Two people meet for a journey of self-discovery in this road trip film.
Mucho Mucho Amor: The legend of Walter Mercado: In this documentary, Astrologer Walter Mercado tells the story of his decision to leave the spotlight.
Stateless: Season 1: Lives collide in an immigration detention center in Australia.
Yu-Gi-Oh !: Season 1: A boy is possessed by an ancient Pharaoh and charged with protecting an ancient puzzle.

July 9th
Japan sinks: 2020: A family has to navigate a sinking Japan after being hit by catastrophic earthquakes.
The Protector: Season 4: A man’s journey to protect his city under the name of a secret order continues in this installation of the fourth season.

July 10
The Claudia Kishi Club: This documentary explores the relationship of American Asian designers with the famous Babysitters Club character.
Down to earth with Zac Efron: Zac Efron’s travel show is streamed.
Captain Slip’s epic stories in space: The panties that only wear superheroes has more adventures.
Meetings: Brazil: Singles meet fellow Brazilian daters in this reality show series.
The old guard: A group of former mercenaries is recruiting a new member in this original Netflix.
The twelve: A jury must decide the fate of a woman accused of having killed her best friend and her daughter.

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