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Another week, another series of Netflix premieres. This time around, however, fans of the streaming platform will move to a whole new month, which means more options than usual to keep watching. From the comedy specials of members of the cast of Saturday Night Live to the classic film by Tom Cruise, the fall of Netflix this week is major.

February 25
Whenever I die: This film follows a man whose conscience survives his murder and who must protect his loved ones from the killer.
Pete Davidson: Living from New York: SNL star Pete Davidson has his own special comedy this week.

February 26
I do not agree with that: Follow teenage Sydney as she develops superpowers and struggles in high school.
The trials of Gabriel Fernandez: This moving documentary tells the story of the death of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez at the hands of his parents.

February 27
Altered Carbon (Season 2): Watch the second season of this successful Netflix science fiction series.
Subscribers (Season 1): Similar to Black Mirror, this Japanese science fiction show is ideal for anyone who enjoys curvy intrigue.
Pokemon: Mewtwo strikes back – Evolution: Prepare yourself, Pokemon fans. This marks the first original Netflix film in the classic animated series.
The Angry Birds 2 movie: Fans of the classic game will be delighted to see the movie immediately hit Netflix.

February 28
All bright places: Based on Jennifer Niven’s novel, this film follows Violet and Finch as they struggle with their past experiences and their current lives.
Amit Tandon: Family Tandoncies: If you finish the Pete Davidson stage, try this one.
Always a witch: The second season of the Colombian story of an ancient witch continues.
Babylon Berlin: The third season of the German-inspired black show comes out this month.
Formula 1: Drive to Survive: Racing fans will definitely want to watch this documentary about the 2019 racing season.
Peril!: Three new classic game show collections are heading to Netflix.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Season 2): The second season of this hybrid cartoon season begins where the last season ended.
The infinite trincheraita: Higinio Blanco hides during the Spanish Civil War.
Queen Sono: This South African series follows a spy as she balances her dangerous work and her personal life.
Restaurants on the edge: Gourmets will love these docuseries which see a failing restaurant transformed.
Top Boy: This Spanish series presents two drug traffickers on the streets of London.
unstoppable: Four friends leave for a road trip interrupted by a new unstable companion.

February 29
Jerry Maguire: Yes, you can now see Renee Zellwegger say, “You got me good morning,” repeatedly.

1st of March
Always a bridesmaid: This romantic comedy follows Corina, who is always asked to be a bridesmaid.
Beyond the carpet: This documentary from the 90s follows the wrestlers and their lives.
Calico Critters Mini Episodes Clover + Everyone dreams of flying high in the sky: Two seasons of this animated animal show will begin on March 1.
Cop Out: Bruce Willis plays a detective who decides to sell his most precious baseball card and have it stolen first.

1st of March
Married corpse: Tim Burton’s film tells the story of a deceased wife and a man she wishes to marry.
Donnie Brasco: See Al Pacino and Johnny Depp in this biopic.
Frank and Lola: Watch the story of Chef Frank and free spirit Lola in this romance.
Freedom writers: Hilary Swank plays the main role in this story about a teacher in a disadvantaged school.
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: Matthew McConaughey sails through his old friends in this Christmas movie.
GoodFellas: This classic gangster movie hits streaming.
Moonstruck: Military movie enthusiasts will want to see this story of a Black Ops soldier.
He’s just not very interested: This rom-com offers an all-star cast of navigation relationships.
Hook: The classic adaptation of Robin Williams Peter Pan will be released starting in March.
Kung Fu Panda 2: This film is the continuation of the animated film directed by Jack Black on a fighting panda.
Lemony Snicket, a series of unfortunate events: This is not the original from Netflix. This is the 2004 version with Jim Carey.
Life as we know it: Two friends who hate each other take the guardianship of the little girl of their deceased friends.
Looney Tunes: back in action: Looney Tunes fans should watch this movie live.

1st of March
trigger: Watch a man try to stop a virus from spreading across California.
Resident Evil: Apocalypse: The second film from the adaptation of the popular video game.
Resident, bad, extinction: Discover more characters from the movie franchise as they cross the desert.
Richie Rich: This cult classic film stars McCauley Caulkin as a wealthy child.
Semi pro: Watch Will Ferrell’s comedy about a singer who decides to start a basketball team.
Sleepover: High school friends take part in a duel treasure hunt while their mothers are away.
Space Jam: Michael Jordan stars in this classic film that shows the Looney Tunes gang battling aliens in a basketball game.
Gift: Jason Bateman plays in this thriller on old acquaintances.
The Interview: This film is either the comedy Seth Rogan or the drama Hugo Weaving. You will have to wait and see.
The Shawshank buyout: Based on the story of Stephen King, this film returns to the streaming platform.
God’s story with Morgan Freeman: The dreamy voice actor recounts this exploration of religion.

1st of March:
Valentine’s day: Follow a star-studded cast as their interwoven relationships come together during the holidays.
There will be blood: Watch this critically acclaimed film about a prospector.
Tootsie: Dustin Hoffman embodies an actor who dresses in drag-to-land.
Voice (Season 1): This South Korean drama follows a detective and a rookie cop who work together to track down a serial killer.
ZZ Top: That Little Ol ’Band from Texas: ZZ Top fans will love this group biopic.

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