Here's Everything You'll Need for the Perfect Backyard Movie Night

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A hot summer night is the perfect excuse to stay up late watching movies in your backyard or on the roof of your apartment, and we’ve rounded up everything you will need for a perfect outdoor movie night.

To keep things simple and straightforward, we’ve divided things into two sections: “The Basics” and “The Extras”. The “The Essentials” section has all the basics you will need to start movie night, while “The Extras” is full of fun things you don’t need but which could make the experience a bit more enjoyable. While it might seem like a lot to buy, almost anything can be reused for other purposes like camping or just relaxing on your back patio, so you’ll get a bit more for your money.

The essentials

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These are all you need for a successful movie night, but they aren’t necessarily your only option. There are plenty of ways to customize your setup however you like, depending on your needs and budget. And hey, if you fancy sliding your flat screen outside instead of buying a projector and screen, more power is for you.

A cinema projector

Mini projectors are perfect for backyard movie nights. They’re much more portable and affordable than their full-size counterparts, and maintain impressive throw distances, screen sizes, and built-in speakers, though you may still need to connect an external speaker for one. best sound. They also have decent battery life, but if you plan on dual-function, you might want to keep the charging cable handy. It should also be noted that projector media compatibility varies by device. Some have Wi-Fi and can connect directly to your Hulu or Netflix account, while others offer a variety of ports for connecting a Chromecast or your laptop.

the GooDee G500 projector Plays bright and powerful HD videos on screens as large as 200 inches and has plenty of ports for connecting devices. And, if you have a few extra bucks to spend, we recommend the Anker Nebula capsule projector, which provides better and brighter picture quality. It has 360 degree speakers so everyone can hear the movie, wherever they are. It also runs Android 7.1 for easy connection to your favorite streaming service and can project to screens of up to 100 inch.

An economical projector

Better projector upgrade

Anker Nebula Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, Black, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360 ° Speaker, Cinema Projector, 100 Inch Picture, 4 Hours Video Playback, Neat Projector, Home Entertainment

Watch movies in your backyard with a high quality ultra bright projector with 360 degree sound.

The (somewhat) big screen

Once you have chosen your projector, you will need to find an outdoor projector screen. Some screens can be mounted or tied to trees or a fence, while others come with a stand so you can set them up anywhere. You’ll also want to make sure that the outdoor cinema screen you choose will be large enough to properly display the movie while being far enough away for comfortable viewing. This 120 inch mountable projection screen is very affordable and can be attached to virtually any surface with hooks, ropes or double sided tape. You can also opt for this 14ft inflatable projection screen which is waterproof and perfect for watching movies by the pool.

A foldable and mountable projector screen

A self-contained inflatable screen

A good film

Movie night won’t get too far without a movie, right? Whether you prefer family movies or classic horror movies, make sure the projector you choose can play the media you want to watch. Some projectors can connect to Netflix or your Plex account over Wi-Fi, while others may require you to physically connect a Chromecast device or Roku stick, or even a USB drive that you’ve saved a video file to. Can’t find anything good to watch? Browse some free movie options and find something everyone agrees on.

Ambient lighting

Okay, you could probably find your way to your seat using your phone’s flashlight, but where’s the fun? Install fairy lights above to illuminate the seating area (for safety and visibility of snacks, of course) without making things too bright. These beautiful globe string lights can stay outdoors all year round, and if one bulb goes out, the others continue to move. You can also opt to place these solar lanterns around your seating area if you want a more comfortable vibe.

Hang fairy lights

Let the lanterns light the way

Comfortable seats

Backyard movie theater seats aim to be comfortable, and you’ll probably want something more relaxing than chairs in your dining room. These folding camp chairs are unobtrusive and are a great way for everyone to get comfortable without blocking the screen. Or you can all sit on one inner-outer fleece blanket which is waterproof and soft, as well as comfortable (but still waterproof) supportive pillows canvas covers.

Better yet, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you could make it absolutely amazing. DIY Pallet Chair Project it will be easier on your wallet and last for many movie nights to come.

Comfortable low chairs

A waterproof outer cover

Stylish and comfortable covers

No bugs allowed

If you’re worried that mosquitoes and other flying insects will crash into the party, set them Citronella candles. They come in a six pack, which is more than enough to protect your entire rear theater area while you relax and relax.

No bugs allowed

Cords and other equipment

You wouldn’t want technical difficulties ruining movie night, so take a moment to make sure you have all the cords and accessories you need to get things going. You might need a power extension cord for lights, one Wi-Fi repeater to get a better signal in your garden, or a HDMI cable to play a movie on your laptop. You might even need a portable battery for your mini projector so that it can follow all the movie marathons you have planned.

Reaching an outlet with an extension cord

Extend the range of your Wi-Fi

Connect to HDMI devices

Keep things in charge

The extras

Popcorn in vintage containers and cotton candy ready for the moviesGordana Sermek /

Once you’ve finished your movie night configured and ready to go, why stop there? Go above and beyond by adding fun extras to your backyard theater like snacks and decorations. Dressing up the decor a bit can make your movie night even more exciting, and it’s a great way to make new memories if you have little ones.

Cinema-themed decor

Help set the stage for your guests by placing a fun, movie-themed decoration around your seating and snack center. Print personalized movie tickets to hand out cinema ticket template, and let the guests eat their popcorn with these adorable cinema popcorn boxes. Hang up those glitzy movie night decorations all over your garden, and throw a scythe Hollywood director winks to announce the movie currently playing.

Cute boxes for a tasty treat

Get some whimsy with themed decorations

The cute decor is fun for everyone

A concession stand

Everyone knows movie nights are at least 50% of snacks, so don’t forget about them during yours. Set this adorable hot air popcorn next to that drinks dispenser and these three-tier dessert stands so that everyone can have fresh popcorn, drinks and snacks whenever they want. Display all your goodies on this sturdy 6 foot folding table so that everyone can access it.

A popper for fresh popcorn

Drinks over drinks

Cry joy levels

Set everything up on a solid table

Snack storage

Your guests will appreciate having a dedicated place to prepare their snacks and drinks during the movie. These cute low camping tables are great for work, just like these simple wooden serving trays. They also give you a place to install additional speakers and lighting if needed.

Cute and easy storage

The trays also allow good storage

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