Here's How the Monobloc Plastic Chair Became Ubiquitous

You have probably already had one. Maybe even hundreds of times in your life. Still, you probably didn’t know that design had a name, or even thought about it a lot. Here is the story of the monobloc chair.

At Neo, they have a mini documentary on the ubiquitous chair. You can find them in American backyards, outside cafes in Belgium and in homes in developing countries.

But how did a design end up in so many different places? From the core of design in the 1940s to the refinements of molding in the 1960s to mass production in the 1980s, the easily recognizable chair has a long history.

Watching the video may not change your opinion about wanting them in your garden, but you will certainly have a better understanding of the history of the chair and how it went from an avant-garde piece to something as common as a bottle of water.

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