Here’s How to Dress for Your Next Flight

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When it comes to in-flight fashion, comfort and practicality must always be a priority. To maximize your experience at 35,000 feet in the air, here are some dress tips that you should consider when planning your outfit.

What to wear

The air is dry, the pressure is high and the temperature is low. Spending hours in a flying can is not the most exciting experience, especially if you are traveling in economy class. Bringing these clothes with you should help you feel good and increase your chances of falling asleep until landing.


Whether you're flying to a warmer or cooler place, it's a good idea to wear an outfit that will help you make the transition easier. However, even if your mind only holds at your destination, you should always keep in mind that the temperature in an airplane is never really too hot. This is where the overlay becomes practical.

Whether it's a hoodie, a cardigan or a cashmere sweater, this extra layer will allow you and your neighbor to protect yourself from the constant noise of your teeth slamming and increase the level of comfort of a notch. Simply pack it in your carry-on baggage and catch it as your body temperature begins to drop. Layered clothing is not only excellent for general comfort, but it is much easier to catch a solid nap during the flight.

Compression socks

You have probably already heard about the disadvantages of long-haul flights. In addition to the dry air that deprives your skin of its natural moisture, the problem of lack of movement and blood circulation of the lower limbs is impaired. Deep vein thrombosis is a real problem that can affect anyone on or after a long flight. Sitting for a long time on your small airplane seat can cause swelling of the legs and feet due to poor blood circulation, which increases the chances of developing a blood clot that can reach your lungs and cause pulmonary embolism sometimes fatal.

Compression socks add the pressure needed to help your circulation and prevent swelling. These may not be the most popular items, but they will save you the discomfort of working with big feet in tight shoes.


We mentioned how cold it can be on the plane and how little wearing of minimal clothing would bring. If you're not a fan of sweaters or hoodies, you can opt for a scarf that can keep you warm while giving your outfit a neat look. Sometimes airlines do not provide blankets, so if you have a scarf, you can quickly wrap it around and feel like a well-fitting and peaceful burrito. In addition, they take up very little space and you can even use them to cover your hair or your shoulders if you go to a country where the dress code is traditional.

Tote or weekend bag

When hand luggage is not necessary, either because you have managed to store everything in your suitcase, or because you prefer to just carry one bag at a time, you should consider choosing a bag. that you can even slip under the seat. in front of you. That way, if you need your earplugs or sweater when the lights are off and everyone is sleeping, you can reach them quickly by grabbing your bag under the seat or in the luggage compartment. without being disturbed. If you choose a tote bag, make sure that it has a zipper or button to keep your stuff safe at all times.

What to avoid

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Sometimes it's fashion; sometimes it's a bargain: there is always a reason to dress for a flight. But if the fitted clothes and your favorite perfume can help you feel better, they can also deprive you and those around you from feeling comfortable enough to enjoy the trip.

High heels and flip flops

High heels lengthen legs and flip flops make you feel at home, but they are not the best travel shoes. They can not only slow you down if you have to get to your door, but they can also be a hindrance to the evacuation of the plane. Even if you do not have to run to any moment of your trip, you are most likely to have cold feet at mid-flight and that many airlines do not provide socks that could prevent you from falling asleep due to lack of heat on your extremities.

It is always best to choose sneakers or slippers that are easy to put on and take off. And if you want to wear heels or flip-flops to your destination, take them in your carry-on and carry them once you land. It is also recommended to wear an extra pair of socks.

Tight or complicated clothes

Skinny jeans and complicated clothing should be stored and replaced with loose or stretchy clothing. This is because having material that wraps your body for hours in the air can impede circulation and make you swell and make you feel swollen. Not to mention the lack of comfort you will feel when trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. Plus, dresses, tops, or complex combinations can slow you down and challenge you when using a tiny toilet.

Similar to flip-flops, tight shorts and mini-skirts are also a bit of a fashion faux pas when it comes to flying. At first, your opinion could change as soon as the temperature starts to drop and your brain activates the sleep mode. If you prefer to fly with your best outfit, put your comfortable clothes in your bag and put them in the toilet before take off. You will thank you for your landing.

Fragrance Fort

This trick is mainly for the benefit of your passengers. Not everyone appreciates colognes, body sprays or scents that smell strong, and they could even cause an allergic reaction in some people. If you want to smell the best of your scent upon arrival, prepare a sample of your favorite perfume and apply it after landing. You could even buy a small travel atomizer slip in your hand luggage. It's easy for you and a nice gesture for other travelers.

Contact lenses

The air in the cabin can be extremely dry to the point of harming your health. In addition to the above, your eyes can also suffer the consequences of a dry environment. Contact lenses can become particularly uncomfortable and irritate your eyes after just two hours of clashing in the cabin air. The best way to avoid this problem is to remove them as soon as they start to annoy you and change your glasses to give a break to your eyes.

It is always helpful to take the time to prepare your outfit and carry it before a flight. When done correctly, it can help you speed up your checkout process after customs formalities and make you feel comfortable enough to rest a bit on the way to your destination. You may not look like a million dollars, but your body will not bother you.

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