Here's the Best Time to See Tonight's Cold Moon

The moon seen through the treetops.Triff / Shutterstock

If you missed the Grand Convergence or didn’t catch the last meteor shower, there is still hope for an astronomical event in 2020. The Cold Moon is happening, and here’s when to catch it.

The cold moon is the name of the last full moon of the year and takes its name from Native American traditions which assign seasonal reference to the lunar cycles. It is also sometimes called the Long Night Moon because of its proximity to the winter equinox, the darkest day of the year. In 2020, the cold Moon will be particularly visible because it will remain above the horizon for an extended period thanks to a high trajectory.

As to how to view it, the moon will be visible tonight, December 29, just after sunset, and it will reach its peak brightness at 10:30 p.m. EST. Thanks to this being, well, the moon, you won’t need to strain yourself to see the sight as with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, and if you are lucky you can also take a look. eye to the Geminid meteor shower this month too.

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