'Hey Google' Can Now Control Some of Your Favorite Apps

An Android phone with My Fitness Pay opened by voice.Google

Arguably one of the best parts of smartphones is the apps you can install to do more. But sometimes it is impractical to unlock your phone and touch the screen to control it. If you are an Android user, the good news for you is that you can now control many apps with your voice, and more are on the way.

That’s right, you can now use voice commands like “Hey Google, order a smoothie on Postmates”, and if the Postmates app is installed, your phone will walk you through the process. All without having to put your dirty fingers on your screen.

You will need an Assistant compatible Android phone, sorry folks who made Alexa the primary assistant. And you will also need the appropriate apps installed on your phone. For starters, the new Hey Google feature works with over 30 apps, and Google promises more to come.

An example of people controlling apps while driving, using their voice.Google

Right now, this list includes Spotify, Twitter, Postmates, Walmart, Snapchat, MyFitnessPal, etc. What you can do depends on the apps themselves, but the commands are good enough.

You can say, for example, “Hey Google, find the motivational mix on Spotify” or “save a berry smoothie on MyFitnessPal”. And if you frequently use a particular command, you can create shortcuts to make the command even easier to use. For example, instead of saying “Hey Google, when is my Walmart order arriving?” you can create the shortcut “Hey Google, Walmart Status”.

The new feature is being rolled out today, so if you have a newer Android phone with Assistant enabled, give it a try.

Source: Google

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