Holiday 2020: 15 Cute Stocking Stuffers for Tea Lovers

From left to right: scottie dog shortbread cookies, a Loch Ness monster tea strainer and a penguin thermos.Walkers / Ototo / Tomlff

If you have a tea lover in your life, you can’t go wrong offering them some new items to enjoy their tea. There are tons of adorable infusers, mugs and more just begging to go to their bottoms.

Cute tea infusers

Lazy tea infuser in a tea cup.Fred & Friends store

While not everyone enjoys the delights of loose leaf tea, for those who do, getting the right brewer is a must. The following options offer both kindness and convenience.

Lazy Infuser: This little guy is absolutely adorable. You can find all kinds of animal shapes for this type of brewer, but lazy seems a perfect choice for a lazy night curled up on the sofa with a good book and a hot cup of tea.

Flamingo pool float: That you choose the flamingo, the swan or the unicorn – these pool float tea infusers are fun and cute. You put your tea in the twist base, then the flamingo floats on your teacup.

Hands in the air infuser set: It is an excellent infuser collection to use to express your feelings each day. Let the whole world know that you are doing okay or smelling metal, or just want to give the peace a chance. You get all five hand gestures!

Baby Nessie Infuser and Cup: Perfect for lovers of weird and unusual creatures, not only do you get an adorable baby Nessie tea infuser, but you also get a Nessie mug. Your gift will love enjoying tea with this Loch Ness cryptid.

Silicone tea bags: If you’re buying a gift for someone who doesn’t like cute things but is a tea lover nonetheless, these reusable silicone tea bags are a great choice. They come in bright colors and provide a great replacement for fabric tea bags.

Precious tea cups

Vintage tea cup on a table.Stonelainy

Tea drinkers can never have too many tea cups and mugs. If you are looking for a cute and practical Christmas stocking, here are some mugs to buy.

Cute Cat Mug: There is just too much cuteness in this mug. Not only will you be gift cat mug, but this one also comes with its own infuser. Your happy-cat teacup looks full with its infuser fish inside.

Dog Lover Mug: You can choose between a French bulldog and a Corgi, but no matter what you choose, expect to hear a lot of “aww” sounds when that mug is removed from a stocking. The lid of the mug has a puppy, while another hangs down the side of the mug.

Whimsical Rose Tea Glass: Roses and butterflies fill this teacup with more whimsy than you might imagine. It is a great gift for tea drinkers who love to grow flowers.

Vintage Look Bone Porcelain Tea Mug: If you want the vintage tea time fantasy of childhood, then this mug is the adult version. He has a a little Cinderella vibe, and it comes with a lid and a spoon.

Portable penguin tea cup: If you are looking for a tea bag for someone who spends a lot of time on the road, then this cute little guy is sure to make them smile. The penguin thermos is available in four different colors and keeps drinks warm for up to eight hours.

Tasty teas and sweets

Shortbread cookies in the shape of a cute dog in a bowl.Shortbread walkers

Nothing goes better with tea cups and tea infusers than tea and tasty treats. Here are some great items to add to those stockings.

Vintage Look English Breakfast Box: Rather than just buying a box of tea, give a gift of a box of tea. The boxes can be reused to hold tea or many other items once the initial tea is gone. For English breakfast lovers, New English Teas has a delicious box with a vintage look of tea bags.

Holiday flavor teas: La République du Thé offers wonderful teas and you can give a sample of holiday flavors as a gift. This pack of three contains a black tea with spicy notes, a rooibos with cinnamon and vanilla, and a green tea with peppermint. There are also other collections to choose from.

Loose tea sampler: Of course, if you give someone a tea infuser, you should also offer them tea to use with it. This the sampler includes ten teas, including black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong, and Chai.

Flavored honey sticks: Honey is a great way to sweeten tea, and flavored honey can add delicious accents to your tea as well. A fun way to add honey to a cup of tea is to use honey sticks. You can get a pack of 50 with several flavors of Homestead Honey Store– enough for several stockings!

Tea cookies: Tea cookies make an excellent snack accompaniment for any type of tea. These shortbread which come in the form of Scottie dogs are cute as a button. They are exactly what a tea drinker who loves shortbread would want in their stocking.

Tea is a great way to wind down at the end of the day or a great substitute for coffee in the morning. Inspire the tea lover in your life to try new things.

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