Holiday 2020: 15 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Conscious Consumers

A woman puts a metal water bottle in a reusable tote.GBALLGIGGSPHOTO / Shutterstock

It can be difficult to buy from an environmentally conscious friend, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! The gifts below all incorporate recycled materials and sustainable practices, and are sure to please.

A tote bag

Long before people talked about steel straws or recycled flip flops, environmentally conscious people used products made from unbleached cotton, like this earthwise tote.

It is made from 100% cotton, is machine washable and has a long shoulder strap and exterior pockets. It’s perfect for everyday use, no matter what kind of runs or activities your friend is doing.

A zero waste kit

When trying to incorporate zero waste products, where do you really start? Which products are worth trying first? If your friend wants to adopt a smaller footprint, but is having a hard time doing it, give them this awesome Zero waste kit, which was created for exactly this purpose.

It includes a jar with an organic bamboo lid and a personalized cork sleeve, a straw with a silicone tip, a straw cleaner, a towel, utensils and two organic cotton bags. This is the perfect kit for showcasing different products and giving your friend a taste of what will work best with their lifestyle.

A reusable notebook

A colorful display of smart reusable notebooks. Rocketbook

If your friend is still scribbling in a notebook, this Reusable Smart from Rocketbook will rock his world! It looks like a regular notebook, but its 32 pages can be reused over and over again – you just wipe them off with a damp cloth.

Best of all, it lets you scan and upload notes to the cloud and offers easy access on a desktop, or even a smartphone, through the Rocketbook app. How cool is that?

A biodegradable phone case

With so many new, sustainable and cool products, shopping for products that are better for you and the environment is getting easier every day. Your traveling companions probably all have phones, so an eco-friendly phone case would make a nice gift.

Pela case are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They are made from “waste” of flax straw, biopolymers and other biodegradable materials. However, they also provide the high quality protection that a smartphone needs.

The company also donates 1% of every purchase to environmental nonprofits, making them even more attractive.

A cork yoga mat

A woman in a yoga pose on a Gaiam cork yoga mat.Gaiam

If your friend loves yoga and eco-friendly products, look no further than this beautiful yoga mat from Gaiam. It is made of biodegradable cork and recyclable and non-toxic natural TPE rubber.

It’s thick and padded, with a non-slip surface and good grip to withstand even the most sweaty hot yoga class. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone who starts their day by waving to the sun.

A cork wallet

Another awesome cork product that you can give to a conscious consumer is this cool and stylish wallet from Corker. It fits in most front and back pockets, but still has enough room to hold all the essentials.

It’s sleek, slim, and cruelty-free. What more could you ask for?

Ecological playing cards

Fifteen packs of different playing card decks arranged in a pyramid shape on a wooden table. Game art

Make play nights more sustainable with these eco-friendly cards from Game art. They are made from sustainably sourced paper and environmentally friendly water-based ink.

Plus, they don’t just come in one dull, hemp-colored pattern – you can choose from dozens!

A sustainable watch

How awesome they are Natural Veldt Watches? Made with all-natural materials and compatible with iOS and Android, they are the perfect gift for that eco-friendly person in your life. They are also stylish and come in many gorgeous designs for men and women.

Recycled sportswear

Those who work out will certainly appreciate picking up new sportswear for the holidays, especially when made of attractive materials that are durable and environmentally friendly.

Repreve makes their beautiful clothes from recycled plastic bottles. Thus, the brand saves both water and energy during its production process, not to mention emitting less greenhouse gases.

You can choose from a variety of wonderful designs. All of them are soft and comfortable and will change the way your workout buddies feel about durable sportswear.

A recycled backpack

The Lifepack Sustainable backpack in light gray.Solgaard

For that friend who seems to always have his backpack with him, the Solgaard Lifepack is a great green choice. Made from Shore-Tex ™ ️, the brand’s award-winning recycled ocean plastic fabric, it even has a solar-powered battery.

Did we mention that it is also stylish and durable? Win-win!

A solar powered phone charger

If your friend is still complaining about a low battery in her phone or any other gadget, get her this Blavor Solar Power Bank. It’s portable, compatible with most phones, and doubles as a flashlight.

It’s splash proof and comes with a compass kit, so it’s the perfect accessory for hiking, camping or fishing trips, and other travel adventures.

Zero waste clothing

Zero waste Daniel makes durable clothing at its best! This brand went viral in 2017 due to its use of pre-consumer waste from the New York apparel industry. It also uses other materials that are difficult to recycle to make clothes without creating additional waste.

Anything from this company’s collection will make a great holiday gift for the environmentally conscious people in your life. They will make a difference, while making a bold fashion statement in the colorful prints and designs.

A recycled jacket

Colder weather calls for cozy, comfortable outerwear to stay warm and protected from the elements. Patagonia invented Better Sweater® Jackets. Made from 100% recycled polyester, they also carry the Fairtrade Certificate, proving that they were created using practices that protect the environment, create sustainable livelihoods and enhance economic empowerment.

They are the perfect gift for anyone who consciously takes the train in your life, looking to swap their clothes for brands that care about the environment and protect it.

A recycled speaker

Music lovers in your life will love this House of Marley outdoor speaker. It’s made from the company’s proprietary rewind fabric, regrind silicone and cork, and recyclable aluminum, making it super lightweight. It is also buoyant, waterproof and dustproof, and most importantly, durable.

You can choose from four different colors and give your friend the coolest and most eco-friendly speaker on the market.

House of Marley, 10 Hour No Bounds Outdoor Speaker Battery, Waterproof and Dustproof, IP67, Floating, Carabiner, Fast Charging, Charging Cable, Auxiliary Input, Two Speaker Wireless Pairing, blue speaker

Floating and durable tunes.

A living composter

The living composter sitting on a wooden table next to houseplants.Uncommon goods

For that friend who is ready to take their conscious and sustainable lifestyle to the next level, this is great living composter of rare products could make the perfect holiday gift. It turns leftover food into fertilizer, making it the ideal source of growth for plants. Made from cork and recycled plastic, even the product itself is durable!

Plus, unlike a clunky compost bucket, the design is pretty cool. It’s a perfect kitchen companion that doubles as a decor.

Mindful, eco-friendly gifts have never been easier to find! Armed with this long list, you’re sure to find something for anyone embracing a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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