Holiday 2020: 16 Unbelievably Hygge Gifts for Your Cozy-Loving Friends

A window seat with a pillow, fluffy blankets, a book and a tray with two candles and a mug.topotishka / Shutterstock

According to Danish, hygge is anything cozy, warm, soft and comfortable, which evokes a feeling of well-being and happiness. The items on this holiday shopping list are meant to do just that! So, offer hygge to your cozy friends this year!

The little book of hygge

Your friends may have learned the principles of hygge on the internet, but if they haven’t read the book that started it all in the US, they’re going to have a blast!

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to a Happy Life by Meik Wiking explains the hygge vibe in a simple and positive way. This makes it much easier to understand how you can fit it into your lifestyle.

It’s the perfect gift for those who want to learn more about hygge and get into the spirit.

A book stand for hands-free reading

For those who still have a book in their hands, this bamboo book stand is the perfect holiday gift! This makes reading even more enjoyable and relaxing.

It’s big enough to hold a large hard cover, a cookbook, or even magazines. It makes reading while doing other tasks, like mixing a batch of cookies, incredibly easy. The unique design means that it can also be used as a backdrop so you can keep it anywhere.

A coffee cup warmer

Anyone who likes coffee, tea or any other hot beverage will love this Yevior coffee cup warmer. They will never have to worry about their drink getting cold again! The built-in temperature control and auto shut-off feature will keep your friend safe, even if he’s so focused on the cozy atmosphere that he forgets to turn it off.

It is suitable for all types of metal, ceramic, glass or even plastic cups. The touch screen switch also makes it very easy to use.

A luxurious tea set

If your friends love to throw up tastes, surprise them this holiday season with something you know they’ll use over and over again: this wonderful set of Teabloom.

The set includes the following:

A 40 oz. glass teapot
An infuser
A warmer
A candle
4 3.4 oz glass tea cups
A dozen blossoming tea flowers

If that doesn’t require the perfect flower tea ceremony while chatting about the latest trends, we don’t know what it feels like!

A large fluffy blanket

A fluffy white blanket draped over a sofa with a book on it. Tuddrom

Does the idea of ​​your best friend have the perfect night snuggling up under a blanket with a hot drink to binge on her favorite Netflix show? If the answer is yes, this amazing large fluffy blanket from Tuddrom is the perfect holiday gift.

It is extremely soft, mellow and light. It’s also huge (50 inches x 60 inches)! Made of faux fur, it is durable and easy to wash.

Heating blanket

If a plush blanket isn’t enough, add a little warmth! the MaxKare Electric Fleece Heated Blanket more like a personal radiator. It has four temperature settings and an automatic shut-off function, which makes it safe and energy efficient.

It’s the perfect hygge gift for someone who always complains about being cold.

A chunky knit blanket for a trendy atmosphere

Thick knit blankets have been all the rage for quite some time. That’s, at least in part, because they also serve as the backdrop. You can throw them on any piece of furniture to instantly bring softness and comfort to a room.

As well as being pretty, knit blankets are generally quite warm. So if you are looking for a great hygge gift for your friend, this one from clootess is a great choice. It’s handmade, plush, soft, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors so you can easily match your friend’s style.

Soft pillowcases for a plush feel

Soft pillows are the definition of comfort. So, treat your cozy friend with a variety of luxury plush pillowcases, like those of Uhomy. They are extra soft and comfortable and turn ordinary pillows into real hygge staples.

They will only work as decoration or for late night cuddles.

A cozy dress

A woman in a bathroom wearing a Snowe white bathrobe.Snowe

When you are enjoying a relaxing hygge evening at home, there is nothing better to wear than a soft and comfortable bathrobe like this one from Snowe. Made from luxury long staple cotton, it is generously sized and super plush. This will make the wearer feel like they are wrapped in a blanket.

If you want to provide more convenience this holiday season, surprise a friend with this! It will, without a doubt, quickly become their favorite item of clothing to wear.

Very cozy slippers

Your friend will need matching slippers to accompany her cozy dress. This cross-band style of Halluci is a great (and affordable) choice. Soft and fluffy, they will make your loved one feel like they are walking on a cloud which is exactly what you want when looking for those hygge vibes.

Fluffy socks for grilled toes

When it’s cold, our feet need better protection, and nothing does the job quite like a nice pair of fluffy socks! Take care of your friend’s feet this holiday season and give her some super chunky wool socks from Yoicy.

Then she can enjoy lounging on the sofa without worrying about catching a cold.

A scented candle for aromatherapy

If you really want to give the gift of relaxation, this year think this set of zen inducing aromatherapy candles by Yinua Light. They smell amazing, reduce stress and spread those hygge vibes into every room.

They are also durable and made with natural ingredients, so they are safe to burn all day.

A decorative candle holder

If you have a friend who really loves candles, check out this beautiful decorative candle holder from Dawhud Direct. The three glass votive holders on a wooden plate with stones will create a relaxing, warm and earthy ambiance in any room.

Both stylish and useful, this sturdy set will also last a long time.

Romantic curtains

Lighting can completely transform any decor. White or light blue tones can “cool” a room, while soft yellows can “warm” things. Those beautiful vine curtain lights can be placed indoors or outdoors to add a cozy warm feeling to a space.

They’re also perfect during the holiday season, along with all the other lights twinkling. Surprise a friend with this set this season, so they can clean it up.

A wall tapestry to introduce texture

If your friend’s house already has a bohemian vibe and earthy tones, treat her to this gorgeous two piece woven macrame tapestry by Favibes. It is made of high quality cotton rope and hangs from a natural wood barrel.

Beautifully designed and fashioned, it will enhance any room and add the feeling of comfort your friend is looking for.

Indoor bonsai

Plants are definitely a part of the hygge way of life. Bonsai trees are special in themselves, as they are a symbol of Zen and peace. Taking care of them can also be a form of meditation. They are perfect for anyone who is trying to implement more relaxation in their life.

So look no further than this Bonsai Golden Gate Ficus from Brussels to offer this year! He is 7 years old and his curved shape is so unique that it is sure to wow any plant lover in your life.

Hygge vibrations and cold weather are the perfect combination! Add one of these items to your holiday shopping list for your wellness loving friends, and they will surely thank you!

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