Holy Directions Batman! Waze Can Now Guide You with the Voice of the Dark Knight

Batman and Riddler disguised as Waze icons

When it comes to who makes the best Batman, there’s one clear winner: Kevin Conroy. He’s played the role of Batman since the late ’90s in TV shows, movies, video games, and even a brief live appearance in the Arrowverse. And now you can have the definitive Batman voice giving you directions in Waze.

Waze wants to enter Batman Day, which DC has scheduled for September 19. And in honor of that, for a limited time, you can change the voice from Waze to Batmans, as Kevin Conroy expressed it. This also results in a change in the Waze icons, and your small car becomes a Batmobile.

If you prefer your route to be in the form of an E. Nigma, you can choose Riddler’s voice instead. To bring the Riddler to life, Waze employed Wally Wingert, who voiced the character in the Batman Arkham games alongside Kevin Conroy. You even get a little Riddler runner when you make the switch.

But Waze didn’t stop there; While you’re in the mood for Batman, you can access special Waze and DC Super-Hero or Super-Villain playlists. This should seal the deal at the end of your journey in the Dark Knight.

If this all sounds great, you better download Waze right now. You can only access both voices until October 31. After that, Batman and Riddler will retire to Batcave and Arkham Asylum, respectively.


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