Host Your Zoom Call From Your Favorite BBC Shows With These Empty Set Photos


Whether you’re on video conference with Zoom or Teams, virtual backgrounds are a fun new way to spice up your digital meetings. After all, almost anything is better than the dirty laundry basket you forgot to slide out of sight. Now the BBC has its back with a multitude of empty game frames over the decades. You can enter something Doctor Who, Fawlty towers, and more.

Changing your background to a virtual background is pretty easy, whether you’re on Zoom or Teams. But you will need a good photo, preferably something high resolution and fun. If you are a big fan of the BBC and its many shows, these photos are just the ticket. You can organize your next videoconference from the Fletch cell from Porridge or take your friends on a journey through time and space Late.

The BBC was kind enough to classify the photos by type, program and year. Obviously, a Tardis set photo from 1980 will not have the same quality as a photo taken in 2019, but older photos scratch the itch if you prefer shows and sets from a bygone era.

Speaking of the Tardis, Doctor Who published his own set of photos a spectacle. This set offers a good mix of modern and original Tardis options, so don’t miss the chance to step into the blue box that will take you everywhere.

Source: BBC

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