How Much of Your Favorite Halloween Candy Would It Take to Kill You?

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Child, at some point, you or a friend of yours probably asked how much candy you had to eat, you know, die. Curiosity got the better of us, so we decided to dig a little bit to solve this little morbid mystery.

How do you even begin to answer a question like that? Well, the first leg of the trip is a visit to the tables of the old LD50. For strangers, LD50 means "TheEthal redares to kill 50% of population tested "and is usually expressed as a dose per unit weight.Most of the LD50 measurements we have are extrapolated from rat models to humans (as it would be understandable, to want to go to the 39), we assure you that nobody has been force-fed with sweets, in the manner of Hansel and Gretel, during the research phase of this research. article.

The LD50 of sugar, in the form of simple glucose, is 30 grams of sugar (administered orally) per 1 kg of body weight. One kilogram is about 2,205 pounds. In the United States, the average weight of a woman is 170.6 pounds and the average weight of a man, 197.9 pounds. Let's round each other to say that our average person, in general, is 180 pounds.

At 180 pounds, you must consume 2,449 grams of pure sugar while seated to reach the LD50 for your body weight. If you want to calculate an exact amount based on your weight and the candy of your choice, use this formula:

((Lb / 2.205) * 30) / (grams of sugar per serving of candy preferred) = number of portions of LD50

Back to our average Joe though. What does the LD50 of sugar look like when converted into common Halloween candy? To reach the expected lethal dose, you must eat:

Corn candy: 1,670 pieces
M & M candies: 2,552 pieces
Snickers (Mini Size): 545 pieces
Milky Way (Mini Size): 299 pieces
Reese Peanut Butter Cup (regular size): 234 individual cups
Pixy Stix (standard size): 1,143 straws

I felt compelled to finish with Pixy Stix because, a few decades ago, my friend Jake and I had thought, after eating a lot of things, exactly how many Pixy Stix it would take to kill us. We are not dead, but we really felt terrible. Very, very horrible.

Which brings us to the true moral of our dead-to-sweetheart tale: good luck finding a way to eat 1,670 pieces of sweet corn or 1,143 straws of flavored sugar fast enough not to decide, en route, Seeing another day (and a more reasonable diet) is not the best option.

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