How to Add a Nickname to a Contact for Easier Calling and Texting on iPhone and iPad

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People may be calling less, but we still use our phones to communicate via services such as iMessage. Why not give your contacts nicknames to make calling and texting easier? This makes them quicker to find and looks cleaner, too.

Being able to send a message to "Mom" instead of having to find your mother's name does not sound so amazing, but you'd be surprised at how easy it is to pass by someone when you're not there. do not normally call the name under which they are registered.

It works with everyone, not just family members. If you have a plumber that you use regularly, you can give him the nickname "plumber" so that you do not try to remember who is "Bob Tapp" the next time you are flooded. Being able to assign nicknames to your contacts is a small feature that does not seem very serious until you use it. He himself turns to Siri, as well.

How to activate nicknames

First, we need to make sure your iPhone or iPad is set to prefer nicknames when they are available. Open Settings and press "Contacts" to start the movement.

Open the settings. Click Contacts

Then press "Short Name".

Tap Shortname

The resulting screen shows you a list of options. Make sure that "Prefer nicknames" is enabled.

Switch prefers nicknames on

How to add a nickname to a contact

Now that nicknames are enabled, the next step is to assign a nickname to a contact. Open the "Contacts" application and select the name for which you want to add a nickname.

Open contacts. Tap the name you want to edit

Then press "Edit".

Tap Edit

Scroll down and tap "Add Field".

Tap Add Field

Press "Nickname".

Tap the nickname

Finally, enter the nickname you want to use. Tap on "Done" when done.

Enter a nickname. Tap Done


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