How to Add an Emoji Viewer to Your Mac’s Menu Bar

Emoji Spectator

Using emoji is easy on your phone and on your Mac. Add an emoji viewer to your Mac's menu bar for easy access to emoji, symbols, and more in just a few clicks.

Macs support emoticons just like iPhone and iPad. You can open an emoji sign anywhere by pressing Ctrl + Command + Space, but this larger emoji viewer makes the entire emoji catalog of your Mac a lot easier to navigate.

Of all the ways to insert emoji, this one is the simplest. Emoji is only two mouse clicks away and, as a bonus, it also puts other symbols at your fingertips. Whether you want to insert the © sign, the Ω symbol, or just a shameless, you can do everything in a jiffy by following this guide.

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Adding an Emoji Viewer to the Menu Bar

This option does not appear in the menu bar of your Mac by default, but you must activate it only once.

Click on the Apple logo at the top of the screen and then on the "System Preferences" button.

Click on the Apple logo. Click on the system preferences

Then click on the "Keyboard" preferences panel.

Click keyboard

Click the "Keyboard" tab, then check the "Show keyboard viewers and emoji in the menu bar" checkbox.

Check Show keyboard viewers and emoji in the menu bar

When this option is enabled, a new button appears in the menu bar, as shown below.

Use the Emoji viewer

With an open text box, click on the item in the emoji viewer menu bar, then click on the "Show Emoji and Symbols" option.

Click on the element of the emoji menu bar, then on Show emoticons and symbols

The emoji and symbol viewer is displayed, and you can scroll through all emoji and symbols or find the one you want to use. Once you have it, double click on it to insert it.

Double-click on an emoji to insert it

With an emoji inserted, you can close the emoji viewer. It will always be in your menu bar when you need it again.

You can also add an emoji to your favorites by clicking "Add to Favorites". It will always be available for quick access. Even if you do not have a favorite emoji, the ones you use the most are in the Frequently Used section. It's convenience at its best.

How to organize the menu bar

A crowded Mac menu bar

The menu bar of your Mac can quickly become cluttered, making it difficult to find things when you need them. And you have added another element.

The good news is that you can rearrange the entire menu barit is perfect for your needs. You can move the emoji viewer, or almost anywhere, in the menu bar wherever you want.

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