How to Add and Remove Comments in Word

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Leaving comments in a Word document is a good way to leave comments on an item you are examining. If the problem you commented on has been resolved, you can delete the note to keep things clean. Here’s how.

How to add comments in Word

First, open a Word document and highlight the content that you would like leave a comment sure. Once selected, go to the “Review” tab and select “New Comment”, which is in the “Comments” group.

New comment in the Review tab

Then enter the comment you want to leave. That’s all we can say about it. Repeat this step for as many comments as you need to leave in the room.

How to respond to comments in Word

If you want to leave comments on the comment that has already been left, simply hover over the comment and click the “Reply” button.

Reply to a comment

Now enter your answer and save the answer.

Reply left on a comment

How to delete or resolve comments in Word

Resolving a comment retains the comment but displays it as “Resolved” so that those collaborate on the piece can see that the problem has been fixed. Deleting the comment removes it completely.

If you want other teammates to know that a problem has been addressed, use “Solve”. If you want to clean up some comments in the sidebar, use “Delete”.

To resolve a comment, hover over the comment and click the “Resolve” button.

Resolve a comment

The comment will remain in the sidebar, but it will be grayed out to indicate that the comment has been resolved.

To delete a comment, right-click on the item and select “Delete”.Delete comment

Alternatively, select the comment to delete, go to the “Comments” group on the “Review” tab and select the “Delete” button.

Remove comment from ribbon

If you have a lot of comments in the Word document that you want to delete all at the same time, select the arrow under “Delete” and then select the option “Delete all comments in the document”.

Delete all comments in the document

How to reopen a comment in Word

If a comment was previously marked as resolved but you need to leave other comments, you can reopen it by right-clicking it and selecting “Reopen Comment”.

Reopen comment

This only works if the comment has been marked as “Resolved” and not deleted.

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