How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to Steam

If you have played PC games in recent years, the games accumulated in your Steam account are probably worth hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. Perhaps most importantly, your Steam account might contain in-game items that can be traded for real money … and thus stolen with very real consequences. So it's a very good idea to apply the two-factor authentication Steam Guard Valve to your account.

Two-factor authentication, for those who do not know, is a extremely important security element that you should enable on all your accounts. This requires you to log in not only with a password (something you know) but with a code on your phone (something you have). This way, if someone gets your password, it will still not be able to enter your account.

To enable it in Steam, open your browser and Sign in to your Steam account . Click on the name of your account in the upper right corner, then click on "Account details". Under the "Account Security" section of the page, click "Manage Steam Guard Account Security".

You can also open the Steam desktop application, click the "Steam" menu item in the upper left corner, then "Manage account security Steam Guard".

First option: Receive your code by e-mail

From this screen you can choose the email codes or codes sent to the official Steam application on your smartphone. Click "Get Steam Guard Codes by Email" if you do not want to use your phone: you will receive an e-mail that will look like this every time you log in to Steam, either on the web or via e- Office application

Copy the code from your e-mail address and put it in the field that appears in the Login screen:

Click "submit" and you're ready.

Second option: Receive your code via the application Steam Smartphone

For the mobile version of Steam Guard, download the application to your phone: here are the links for the Android version and the iPhone application .

On your phone, sign in with your Steam account and your standard password. If you have already installed Steam Guard by e-mail, you will need to check your inbox before proceeding.

Press the side menu button, then on "Steam Guard", the first item under your Steam user name. Tap "Add Authenticator" and then enter the phone number of the device you are currently using. Touch "Add Phone".

You should receive an SMS immediately. Enter the code inside the next screen and press "Send".

On the next screen, you receive a recovery code. This is distinct from the codes you will receive when you log on to Steam on your computer: this is a permanent way to recover your account if you lose your phone. Follow the instructions of the application and put the code in a safe place. Press "Done" when ready.

Now, when you sign in to your Steam account on any device, you must open the Steam application on your phone and press "Steam Guard" in the menu. Note that the code is continuously cycled: if you do not enter it in time on your computer or other device, you will need to use the next code that appears when you reset the timer

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