How to “Alt+Tab” to Switch Windows on a Mac

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If you are a Mac user who is used to quickly switching between apps on Windows using Alt + Tab, you might be happy to learn that there is a built-in way to do something very similar on a Mac. Here’s how.

Switch open apps with ease

In the world of Windows, many users are familiar with a feature often referred to as “task switcher” that allows you to quickly switch between open applications. by pressing Alt + Tab. This feature has been present in Windows since Windows 2.0 in 1987, and macOS has a similar shortcut.

If you want to quickly switch between apps open on a Mac, press Command + Tab. A row of app icons will appear in the center of your screen. If you hold down the Cmd key while pressing the Tab key, the cursor will move between icons from left to right.

Switch between open apps on Mac with Command + Tab

You can also hold down Command + Shift and press “Tab” to move the selection cursor in the opposite direction, right to left. Or you can press Command + Tab and use the left and right arrow keys to select an app.

Once you’ve highlighted the app you want to switch to, release Command + Tab and the app will be brought to the foreground.

Exposing window thumbnails opened with Command + Tab

There are other things you can do with the Command + Tab selector. If you press Command + Tab, highlight an app’s icon, and then press the up or down arrow, you will launch a mode that displays thumbnails of all open windows of that app on the screen. ‘screen. This is similar to a long-standing macOS feature called Exposé or Mission control.

See all open application windows on a Mac at once

From there, you can select the window you want by clicking on it with your mouse pointer or by highlighting the window with the left and right arrow keys and pressing Return.

Exit and hide applications with Command + Tab

You can also manage open applications with the Command + Tab shortcut. With the Command + Tab application list open, highlight an application and press the “Q” key to exit the application. Or you can press “H” KEY to hide or show the app.

Quickly switch between open application windows

Here’s a related window management tip that doesn’t involve Command + Tab. If you have two or more windows of the same application open and you want to navigate through them with a keyboard shortcut, press Command + `(that’s Command and the backtick/ tilde key).

Switch between open windows on Mac with Command + Tilde

You can also press Command + Shift + `to browse them in the opposite direction. When you find the window you want in the foreground, just release the keys. Happy application change!

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