How to Block Senders in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

IPhone screen displaying an email from a sender stuck in the Mail applicationKhamosh Pathak

Continue to add to the annoying threads that spam filters are not trapped? Use the new Block Sender feature in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 to automatically archive new email from a particular sender in the Apple Mail application.

How to block a mail sender

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 extend the functionality of blocked contacts from Phone and Messages to the Mail application.

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To begin, open the "Mail" application and look for an email from the sender that you want to block. Then tap their profile picture to view the details of the sender.

Tap the contact's profile photo to see their contact information.

Now, tap their name in the "From" field.

Tap the name of the sender from the Mail application.

This will open the contact card of the sender. From here, tap "Block this contact".

Tap Block this contact from the contant card

In the next pop-up window, confirm this action by pressing "Block this contact".

Tap Block this contact from the popup

The sender is now blocked. You will not receive any notification for any new email, but this one will always appear in your inbox with an icon stating that there is a blocked contact (highlighted in the capture of the email). screen below).

An email with a sender icon stuck in the inbox

Shipper blocking options

What to do if you do not want a sender's blocked mail to appear in the inbox? An option of the application "Settings" sends directly any new email from a blocked contact to "Bin".

To enable this option, open the "Settings" application and choose the "Mail" option. From here, tap "Sender Options Blocked".

Tap Sender Options Blocked in Email Settings.

Now go to "Move to Bin".

Tap Move to tray

Any new email from the blocked contact will now go directly to the "Batch".

A new email from a blocked contact displayed in the Bin folder

How to manage and unblock a sender

At any time, you can go back and unblock a contact to resume receiving emails from them in your inbox. To do this, open the "Settings" application, press the "Mail", then choose "Blocked".

Tap the blocked option in the email settings

From there, find the specific contact or email you have blocked. Swipe left on the contact, then tap "Unblock" to cancel the changes.

Slide your finger on a contact and tap Unblock to unblock them from the Mail app.

iOS 13 has another convenient feature to block spam calls. Using the Silence Unknown Callers function, you can automatically silence a call from someone who is not in your contact list.

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