How to Change the Keyboard on Your Android Phone

There are more keyboard apps available on Android than you would like to try, but we recommend you try at least some of the best keyboard applications to find something you like. Here's how to proceed on your Android phone.

First, some notes. For our example, we will show you how to move to SwiftKey keyboardbut the switching process on another keyboard is the same. We also use a OnePlus 6T device for this example. The method on your Android device should be similar, but with countless variations of Android, it is hard to say for sure.

The first thing to do is to go to the Play Store and download the keyboard of your choice. If you want to follow, you can download the file SwiftKey keyboard we use here. Once you have installed the app, go to your device settings.

install the application and go to the settings

In the settings, you must go to the "Language and Input" settings. For some phones, it can be hidden in another menu, just as ours is under "System". If you can not find it, you can always search.

search keyboard settings

Once you see it, press "Languages ​​and Input", then "Virtual Keyboard". Some devices may indicate the "Current Keyboard" setting instead.

select virtual keyboard settings

Tap the "Manage Keyboard" option to see the currently installed keyboards. You should also see your newly installed keyboard application, but it will be disabled. Press the toggle next to the keyboard name to turn it on.

manage and add a keyboard

A warning appears on the screen to inform you that the keyboard needs to collect the text of your type. Click "OK" and then return to the "Virtual Keyboard" settings.

alternate keyboard installed

Note: Using a keyboard application on your smartphone is a risk of intimacy. If you use them, we recommend using trusted business keyboard applications.

Now that the keyboard is installed and enabled, simply choose it as the default keyboard.

The following steps will probably be different for each keyboard you install, because each keyboard has a different installation process (and some may not have one at all). The general idea is always the same.

Tap the SwiftKey Keyboard entry to bring up its installer. On the setup screen, press the "Select Swiftkey" option.

press swiftkey

A dialog box titled "Change Keyboard" appears with the current default keyboard selected (in this example, it is the Fleksy keyboard). Tap the Swiftkey Keyboard option to select it.

choose the swiftkey keyboard

Technically, you are done and can start using your keyboard. However, most modern keyboards offer customization options, and it's worth checking them out. In SwiftKey, tap the "Get better forecasts" option to access SwiftKey's settings. On the next screen, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google or Microsoft account. This has some advantages, but it is completely optional. For now, we will ignore the login process.

check swiftkey options

You will then reach the SwtifKey settings. Feel free to look around and customize your keyboard. When you are satisfied, exit the settings and start using your new keyboard.

If you want to use another keyboard in the future, follow the same process again. To switch to a pre-installed keyboard, simply ignore the installation and activation part of the process.

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