How to Change the Safari Home Page on a Mac

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Traditionally, a home page is the first website your browser loads when you launch it. But by default, Safari on Mac opens a Favorites window instead. If you want Safari to start with a website of your choice, follow these simple steps.

First, open the Safari web browser by clicking on its icon in the dock, using Spotlight Searchor by selecting it in the MacOS applications folder. From there, navigate to the page you want to use as your home page. It can be any website you want.

Go to the desired home page

From the menu bar at the top of the screen, select Safari> Preferences.

Select Preferences in Safari

In Preferences> General, click the “Set on current page” button. This changes your home page on the current website opened by Safari.

Click the Set button on the current page in Safari

After clicking on the button, the address in the “Home” field will change to the address of the current page.

Next, we’ll make sure you see your home page when you open Safari. In Preferences> General, click the drop-down menu next to the “New Windows Open With” list.

Select New Windows Open With in Safari

In the drop-down menu, select the “Home page” option.

Select the home page from the drop-down list

If you wish, you can repeat the same step with the option “New tabs opened with”. In this case, each time you open a new tab, you will see your home page.

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