How to Change the Speed of an Animation in PowerPoint

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If you have a animation in your PowerPoint presentation which is moving just a little too slowly (or too fast), you can adjust the speed of the animation to match your desired timing. Here’s how it’s done.

First, select the object in your slide that contains the animation. If you have not already assigned one to your object, you can do so by selecting one of the many options in the “Animation” group of the “Animations” tab. We will attribute to our image the animation “Grow & Turn”.

Enlarge and transform the animation

By default, the duration of the animation is set to one second. You can view an overview of the animation by selecting “Preview” on the far left of the “Animations” tab.

Preview option

Now that you’ve seen the animation, it’s time to adjust the speed. Still in the “Animations” tab, go to the “Timing” group. Here you will see the “Duration” option. As we mentioned, you will notice that it is currently set for one second. Adjust the duration (in 0.25 second increments) by selecting the up and down arrows in the duration area. Otherwise, just type the amount of time in the box.

adjust the duration of the animation

Now, when you play the animation, it will play for the defined duration.

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As a nice side, if you have several animations and you have configured them to start later by selecting the start option “After previous”, you can adjust the moment at which the next animation is executed. To do this, adjust the “Delay” option (00.00 by default) to the desired duration. This option is also adjusted in 0.25 second increments.

settle the delay

Once the first animation is played, the next animation will start within the defined duration.

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